10 Facts About Bird

Birds are the creature that can fly. Different types of birds can be seen across the blue sky throughout the year.  In this article you will learn some cool and interesting facts about birds. So let’s get started. Interesting facts about birds More than 10,000 species of birds has been discovered till date. All the […]

Which is more dangerous virus or bacteria

What is a virus Virus is a collection of genetic code either RNA or DNA covered by a coat of protein and sometimes fat. A virus is a non living thing when it is out side the host and living thing when it is inside the host. A virus can not replicate itself, it needs […]

What is Corona Virus mutation?

What is a Corona/Wuhan virus ? Wuhan virus is a disease that originated from China Wuhan which causes respiratory tract infection. This virus spreads through person to person contact and cause mild to deadly infection. What is a Mutation? The change in DNA sequence that happens during mistakes in DNA copy or as a result […]

10 Facts about Exosphere

Earth atmosphere is divided into many distinct layers. We live in troposphere, this is the thickest side of atmosphere. Above it we have stratosphere then mesosphere, thermosphere and the end exosphere. The exosphere is the most outermost layer of earth’s atmosphere. This layer start at 500 km above the earth’s surface and goes about 10000 […]

Why Himalayas are important for India

The mighty Himalayas extend for around 2900 KM, from Nanga Parwat to Namcha Barwa. The collision between Indian and Eurasian plates led the formation of Himalayas. The formation of these mountains started 40 to 50 million years ago. Here in this article we are going to list down why Himalayas are important for India. Despite […]

List of 6 Seasons of India

The seasons of India have been structured by the Hindu calendar that indicates 6 types of seasons or Rituye named spring, summer, monsoon, autumn, pre-winter and, winter. Each season has its significant quality that is decided by the sea level distance, altitude, and latitude. In the Vedic period, the Hindu people used to follow the […]

List of Indian Deities

India is the country where you will find 33 Crores deities in only the Hindu religion. These different deities are worshiped by millions of theists according to their faith. In this article, we will describe Indian deities. Here we are mentioning popular Indian deities so let’s have a look at that:- Brahma According to the […]