What is Corona Virus mutation?

What is a Corona/Wuhan virus ?

Wuhan virus is a disease that originated from China Wuhan which causes respiratory tract infection. This virus spreads through person to person contact and cause mild to deadly infection.

What is a Mutation?

The change in DNA sequence that happens during mistakes in DNA copy or as a result of environmental factors such as UV light.

When Wuhan Virus enters a persons body it makes several copies of it’s own and keeps making it. The DNA sequence that is present inside the virus helps it to make another copy. Sometimes while copying some error comes in DNA sequence and a new variant of the virus is created. This is known as mutation.

Mutations in virus is very common and not all mutation is dangerous but some of the mutations in virus can make it very dangerous or more infectious.

If virus mutates in a right way then it can reinfect a person who has already recovered from earlier case of covid 19.

What is a double Mutation in Wuhan Virus?

The Indian SARS-CoV-2 Genomic Consortium (INSACOG) on march 24 informed that they found a double mutant variant of the virus the new variant found carried features from California (B.1.427 and B.1.429), and those discovered in South Africa (B.1.351) and Brazil (P.1)

When these two separate mutations L452R and E484Q is found in a single variant then it is called double mutation.

L425R which is also known as California variant increases binding power of virus spike proteins with Human cells. Variant E484Q  which is similar to U.K. and South African variants lowers the effectiveness of antibodies generated by a vaccine or previous covid 19.

Why virus mutations are dangerous?

Virus mutations may make an existing vaccine in effective in future. Suppose USA vaccinated all of it’s people and if people in Africa are not vaccinated then any new mutations from Africa may make the people in USA again prone to Corona virus. New mutations can make all the vaccination effort in USA go in vain and people may be affected by the new variants from Africa or any other country. This pandemic can only be ended if all country work together mutually otherwise just vaccinating people from a particular country is not going to help. Rich and poor nations should come together in this fight. Rich nations should share vaccine formulas as fast a possible before their vaccine itself becomes dead due to any new mutations in poor countries.

When it comes to corona virus it does not differentiate people based on rich or poor or on skin color. Only global effort can end this pandemic otherwise there is no end because there is no end of mutations. There are 8 billion possible human body for the virus to mutate and become more deadly.

The key to end this pandemic is fast vaccination in all over the world and not allowing the virus to mutate.