Which is more dangerous virus or bacteria

What is a virus

Virus is a collection of genetic code either RNA or DNA covered by a coat of protein and sometimes fat. A virus is a non living thing when it is out side the host and living thing when it is inside the host. A virus can not replicate itself, it needs a host to replicate and continue it’s population. A host is a living cell of other organisms, animals or humans. Viruses are very small and can not be seen under a normal microscope. Antibiotics do not work against a virus only antiviral medicine and a vaccine is effective against a virus.

What is a Bacteria

A bacteria is a single celled microbe. It is bigger in size than a virus. There is no nucleus in bacteria. Bacteria control center is a single loop of DNA. There are many types of bacteria based on shape. e.g spherical, spiral, comma , corkscrew and rod. A bacteria can be easily killed using Antibiotics which does not work in case of a virus. There are some bacteria that are even antibiotic resistant.

Which is more dangerous virus or bacteria

Viruses are more dangerous than bacteria because it is very difficult to kill a virus using drug. Most of the drugs or antibiotics do not work against a virus. A corona virus is a deadly virus that affects the lung and other respiratory organs. It is very difficult to kill this virus using normal drugs. Sometimes a virus can spread through air like covid 19 virus, which makes it more deadly than a bacteria. A virus can spread though air, person to person contact or during sex like HIV. To prevent yourself from a virus you need to have a vaccine to develop antibodies against that virus so that your immunity can work against those viruses when your body encounters a real virus. All viruses have it’s own vaccines and some viruses keep changing itself thus you need to keep taking its vaccine again and again.