Which is better to start in 2023 Blogging vs Vlogging vs Short Videos ( Reels )

Gone are the days when people needed Google search to make money online. Blogging has been here for at least 30 years now and it is quite mature now. Entry barrier is very high. If you are starting a new blog in 2023 think twice because it requires a lot of time and effort to first start the blog and write few articles but that is not enough. It requires even more effort to promote and market those articles online so that readers will come to your blog to read it. But this is not the case with Vlogging.

For Vlogging you just need a good camera and you are ready to start. You can post videoes every day on education, daily routine, entertainment or just become a fruit ninja, it all works. You don’t need your content to promote the same way we do for text based content.

You website will not rank well if you do not have any links to your website. These links convey google how important your site is. More the number of links more votes to Google but there is one more thing than just having many links you need quality links and not spam links to your website otherwise google may punish your website.

After you are done with all of these you then need to fight with plagiarism where people will copy and paste your content online, but don’t worry even google helps you in this fight. Google punishes websites who publish copied content from other websites.

Now you see, how difficult it is for a beginner blogger to rank on google and make some money from AdSense but in Vlogging things are complexly opposite.

For vlogging you just need a great camera, great voice and a great content and things will become viral automatically.

Right now it is very easier to become famous and make money using short videos. Every day 100s of people are becoming millionaires by making videos on Youtube, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Short videos are more popular option now a days since it is a new concept, even youtube is facing the heat from short videos where people keep watching one after another video.

Some facts for you:

It is very easy to shoot a small video and post it online but it take hours to write a big article and collect information. Same is true for longer videos it takes lot of time but doesn’t guarantee it will generate lot of views.

Youtubers make more money on average than a blogger. So here vlogging wins.

There is also an entry barrier to start making money on youtube. Now you need to have 4,000 public watch hours on your channel and at least 1000 subscribers before you apply for advertisement program i.e adsense.

Hubspot has found that consumers prefer videos over social media posts, blog posts and newsletter.

Bloggers and Vloggers both can earth money using affiliate marketing, adsense, providing online services.

Blogs take years to take off and start making money while youtube can start making money even in few months if you are dedicated.

You need to write at least 2k words to get your post rank on search engines because that’s where the traffic comes from on a blog.

Blogging is easy to start you just need a domain name that costs 10 USD and a hosting planform like a digital ocean droplet that will costs another 6 USD and you yourself as a writer.

Vlogging is tough to start become you need to invest on gadgets upfront. You need to have a good camera and a microphone to just to shoot a video, then you need a Laptop with high memory and processor power to update those videos.

In order to start making money on youtube you need to love camera and that’s how it works. If you hate to be in front of camera blogging is better than you or you can try making animated videos on youtube.


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