Birds are the creature that can fly. Different types of birds can be seen across the blue sky throughout the year.  In this article you will learn some cool and interesting facts about birds. So let’s get started.

Interesting facts about birds

More than 10,000 species of birds has been discovered till date.

All the female birds lay eggs.

Many birds travel form one place to another, sometime even other countries. They generally migrate when there is short of food or whether change.

Birds have special body structure which helps them to fly. They don’t have teeth and their bones are filled with air.

Birds generally move together in a group. A group of birds is known as flock.

Birds generally eat plants but some birds can eat both plants and flesh. For example crow is omnivorous.

The egg of the ostrich is largest among birds and it has the largest eyes among the mammals.

Bee hummingbird is the smallest among all the birds.

Birds are great communicator. They generally make different sounds to communicate with each other.

The heart of a bird generally bits 400 times per minutes while resting. When they fly it increases up to 1000 per minutes.