Why earning from Adsense blog is so low

As time progresses, as we move from 4G to 5G, and as the internet improves, the consumption of videos and short videos increases. Most of the users who used to browse the internet and websites 10 years ago using 3G are now browsing YouTube, OTT, and Instagram reels using 4G and 5G; thus, improvement in internet speed is decreasing viewership of text-based websites. People are more interested in listening than reading.

Advertisers are moving away from bidding high on websites and are going to video ads, which look more effective to them. It is much cheaper to advertise video ads on YouTube and other social media platforms than it used to be to use TV advertisements.

Each day, a new person becomes famous on YouTube or Instagram, but the same is not happening for a person who writes blogs. Now, a blogger hardly earns anything close to that of a vlogger.

What is the future?

The future for information-based websites is not bright because now even ChatGPT is providing information to students and teachers without having to browse the entire internet just to find simple answers. Certain AI like ChatGPT is the future, and one thing is sure: AI can’t entertain people, so only entertainment websites or reference websites with much in-depth knowledge will remain on the internet, and the rest will vanish.

Some bloggers who provide generous help to the users will also remain online because AI can’t replace them.

How do I increase earnings for a text-based website?

Do not rely solely on AdSense; find other opportunities like affiliate marketing, providing services to the users, or taking donations; that is the only way to go.

Will text-based websites completely disappear from the internet?

No, offline libraries will disappear, but not online. There is a shift going on in offline libraries where people used to come to read books; they are no longer coming; they are browsing the internet. This proves that text-based websites like Britannica, which provide much in-depth knowledge to the users, as well as entertainment and tool websites, will remain on the internet.

But simply focusing on a blog is not enough; now you need to have multiple sources of income, not just one blog on WordPress.