India Superpower 2020 to 2030

How India can become super power in next 1 year? Westerner think Indians are dreaming of becoming super power. But it’s not just a dream. It’s a reality, India is already a super power. India was a super power since ancient times around 1000 years ago. Every super power has it’s dooms day. Today Britain […]

What is the future of bitcoin

I am sound harsh but in simple words i can say there is no future of bitcoin as long as government system is there. Bitcoin can not be controlled by the government so no government will want to implement bitcoin in full scale. Bitcoin can easily be used for illegal purpose and no one can […]

The future of film industry

The future of film industry is dark. Darker than you can imagine. In coming future movie industry will employee less people than it used to be. Good Movies will make billions but very few will share the profits. In many industry, robots and AI is going to replace real people but guess what will replace […]

How india will be in 2050

What India will look like in 2050? Here we are going to list some of the points that looks promising. By the year 2050 India will have completed 2050-1947 = 103 years of Independence from British Raj. India Economy will be the second largest economy after China, Surpassing USA. By the year 2050 India’s brain […]

What makes Hyperloop One special?

Science and Technology have changed the face of the planet. There are new inventions which are making the lives of people super convenient and easy. There are inventions like metro, planes, helicopters, and fast cars which makes our travel experience simple, fast and convenient. What’s next? Have you ever thought about the future? Do you […]