Horlicks ingredients and How it’s made

Horlicks is a very famous malt best food in Indian market. Most of the parents give Horlicks to the children considering it as a supplement for growth.
In this article we will analyse what ingredients are used to make Horlicks.

The first ingredient is malted barley which is 39% and is in form of extracted solids, the second ingredient is wheat flour which makes up to 25% third ingredient is milk solids which makes up to 14% next ingredients are sugar, wheat gluten, minerals ,Emulsifer, salt ,soy protein isolate ,acidity regulators and vitamins.

Horlicks claims that the person who eats becomes more taller which means more bone area , becomes more stronger which means more muscles ,becomes more sharper which means better concentration . I don’t know if these things happen due to mixing of Horlicks into milk or just Horlicks alone is responsible for all of these benefits.

Horlicks is basically a health drink filled with Micro nutrients such as calcium ,vitamin D ,phosphorus, magnesium, protein ,potassium ,iron ,vitamin C, vitamin A,iodine ,vitamin B6 ,vitamin B12 ,folic acid ,carbohydrates, fat vitamin B-1 ,vitamin B2 ,Biotene ,pantothenic acid, energy, sodium, chloride vitamin E ,selenium ,copper ,zinc as claimed by the company and it improves the power of your milk that I said earlier and this is also available in four flavours that is chocolate ,Elaichi ,kesar ,Badam.

Now we are going to analyse its ingredients
Malted barley – what is a malt, malt is basically a germinated cereal that has been dried in a process called malting and the grain is made to Malt by the process of soaking in water and then halting from germinating further by drying.
So Horlicks uses malted barley and wheat that makes up to 64% of all the ingredients. If we include milk solids it makes up to 78% of all the ingredients so rest of the ingredients just make up to 22%

The next ingredient is wheat gluten which is the main protein of wheat and it is made by washing wheat flour dough with water until all the starch granules have been removed and what it leaves behind is sticky insoluble gluten.

The next ingredient is Emulsifiers , generally used in processed foods and it is used to stabilise the emulsion the next.

There are many types of emulsifiers in food and that not all are bad some even have health benefits but not all Emulsifiers are good for health too.

The next ingredient is Acidity regulator it is also called PH control agent and they maintain pH. so typical agents include acids and their sodium salt like sorbic acid, benzoic acid .

The next ingredient that we can discuss is soya protein isolate so this is basically a protein that is isolated from Soyabean.

Last but not least Horlicks is a vegetarian product.