AAshirvaad Atta ingredients and how it’s made

Ashirwad Aata is owned by ITC and it was started in May 2002 Ashirwad Aata is the number one brand in atta market as claimed by ITC Ltd. ITC Ltd is one of the biggest FMCG company in India it produces some cigarettes to Atta and also owns five star hotels in many parts of the country.
Under Ashirwad brand name ITC makes wide variety of products like Aata ,multigrain Atta ,sugar release control Atta, fortified Chakki Atta ,instant mixes ,salt ,spices ,nature’s superfood and Svasti ghee

In this article we are going to mention Ingredients of Ashirwad whole wheat Atta.
Whole wheat Atta do not contain any other ingredients than whole wheat itself .there are no preservatives ,no chemical substances, no added flavours as mentioned in the ingredients list.

Nutrition and Benefits
Hundred gram of whole wheat Atta gives 369 kg calorie of energy. it gives 77.4 g of carbohydrates and it contains 10 g of protein, 5.6 g of sugar , 1.8 g fat and 11 g dietary Fibre.

Side effects
Whole wheat Atta do not have any negative side-effects and it is safe to consume . whole wheat Atta is pure vegetarian product.