To become successful first thing you need is Goal. A goal or aim should be your main target for that period of time. It’s better to focus on one goal at a time rather than multiple. Your goal should be very clear to you.

A goal can a long term goal and a short term goal but it’s always better to have a long term goal that you can break into short term goal.


A Guru means teacher. You need a guru in your life if you want to achieve success. Guru should be able to guide you towards the right path and should be able to help you find what is right path and what is wrong path. There are many people who pretend to be a Guru in this world but not all are true Gurus. A true Guru have certain qualities like he is able to find what his pupil wants and is looking for, a true guru is selfless and does not want anything in return from his pupil but his pupil should donate whatever he can to his guru. In ancient India, we used to have this kind of system known as Gurukula where true Gurus were teaching selflessly.


After having a Goal and a Guru, you need to get back to the work. Accomplish small goals everyday to accomplish bigger goals. You will need to work hard. You may get distractions but you will have to ignore everything. To invest more time working for your goal you will need to avoid other things where you waste your time like watching too much movies or Youtube or playing games or going pubs etc.


You will not achieve anything if you are not consistent in your work towards your goal. Consistency means working everyday for that goal. Being consistent has it’s own advantage because it’s difficult to be consistent and not everyone can be consistent so if you are consistent in your work you are already beating many people in your game. Consistency plays most important role in success of a person. Always try to be consistent.


Last thing in success is discipline. Believe me or not many people are not disciplined and truthful for their goal. Many people will try to find shortcuts to achieve their goals they are not even truthful to their work. Self discipline towards your goal is the best thing that you can have. Discipline is following the right path. Discipline is a choice, it is your choice to keep yourself and your mind in control.

Self discipline is following the right path and right set of tools for your success.