Hi Students, Do you have high quality study notes that is no longer needed by you. We are here to buy your study notes.

We accept study notes related to Science, Technology, History, Geography

Points to Check

  • Your notes should be in Docx format. If your notes are just images then offer price may drop.
  • Your notes should be original and written by you and should not be a copy paste material.
  • Notes should contain diagrams if it is related to science.
  • We will verify if your notes are originally written by you by checking your handwriting
  • You will need to provide written consent of document ownership i.e write a letter with your signature that you will not sell that notes anywhere else or will not use for any other purpose after you have sold to us.

You will need to send your notes preview via email, at lest 4-5 pages so that we have verify the material.

What we will do to your notes.

we will not sell those notes but your notes will be avialble on einsty for free to use by any other student.

We may publish it as article or upload it in a pdf format so that needy students can download and learn.

How much money you can expect ?

If your notes are selected then you can expect around Rs. 1000 to Rs 15000 per notes based on quality and originality and number of pages of the notes.

Please keep in mind your notes should be at least 20 pages otherwise we won’t accept it

We accept notes from Class 1 to Class 12, CBSE and other Government Exam notes

Contact Us Here to sell Notes or Comment below with your email or Whatsapp Number, We will reach you