What are natural disasters, types of natural disasters?

A natural disaster is a phenomenon which can be caused naturally, this process leads to the great damage to all type of living as well non-living things. It is calculated by how many lives are lost according to the economic laws and also calculate the no of life which are lost due to this disaster. However, the non-populated areas are not been treated as the disaster caused area.

In Italian country, more than 200 people died due to the earthquake in 2016 and in China, 8 lakh people die in the huge disaster which occured in the year 1556.

Some scientists can forecast about the disaster that in that place disaster may occur in future. It is like a warning to the people who live in disaster-prone areas so that they can save their life.

Types of natural disasters:

If talking about natural disasters, these are the disasters which can occur naturally without giving any warning. Some of the examples of natural disasters are Earthquake, Thunderstorm, Gamma-ray Bust, Volcanic Eruption, Hurricane, Droughts, Tsunami, Wildfire, Mudslides and many more.

Let’s discuss some of the natural disasters:

 city destroyed by an earthquake


Earthquake is one of the dangerous types of natural disasters which can occur by the movements of tectonic plates. When these plates change their places, high vibrations are produced and it can be the cause of Earthquake. In some of the cases, mine blast and some nuclear tests are the main causes of Earthquakes.

Hurricanes, Typhoons & Cyclone:

These natural disasters consist of the same weather phenomena but their names are different. In Atlantic and northeast Pacific region, these storms mostly occur and they are named as hurricanes, while in some part of North West Pacific Ocean, these are popularly known for Typhoons. And in Southern Pacific and the Indian Ocean, we call them with the name cyclones. We can find these types of disasters when the weather is disturbed and in the warm or moisture places, it can occur simultaneously.


The cause of the Tsunami is due to the huge waves which are produced by a volcanic eruption or with the underwater earthquake. It is the dangerous and destructive disaster which occurs in several areas continuously. The thing which comes on contact with this disaster has to face many damages of buildings, roads, trees, etc.


The flood occurs due to the overflow of water which covers the area which is near to the rivers and oceans. It also creates huge damages to most the place where it effect. Most of the houses get destroyed and roads are washed out when the flood takes place. It doesn’t cause any effect to the areas which are at higher altitude and do not affect the low-lying areas.


The Avalanches take place in the mountain areas, it occurs by the falling of heavy snow as well rock particles from top to the bottom. Generally, the avalanches happen due to the change in the temperature or instability or some kind of man made influences. These are the main reasons which are responsible for the avalanches and it occurs in the clouds of the snow.


Mudslide occurs when the huge amount of water causes soil erosion on a steep slope. It can be formed due to the actions of human or by natural calamities like wildfires or erosion in an area. In order to protect the people from mudslides, we should have a clear idea about the surroundings and we should know about the areas where the mudslides take place.

Because of these types of natural disasters, most of the areas were badly affected. In order to save people from these disasters, we have to take some precautions like when we hear about any type of disaster occur in any area. It is our duty to shift the people to another safe area to make them safe to continue their life as they are living.