Most of the people think that the earth is considered as the safest place to survive. But as the technology is growing day by day, the people are facing more disasters. Some of the articles state that these disasters cannot occur naturally as the human interaction is the main cause of these disasters.

Almost for so many centuries, the human beings are doing so many destructive activities in the environment which is the main cause of the increase in the disasters. At present, the no of trees is decreasing and even they are not able to do photosynthesis process properly. Constructions of buildings, industries and other types of activity in the forest areas lead to heavy damage in the ozone layer which protects us from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

As our need increases, we are cutting more trees which may lead to several hazardous disasters in the upcoming time.

The activities of the human beings are the main cause of natural disasters. At present, global warming is also responsible for the change in temperature.

In the past decade, the resources were more enough to fulfill the requirements of every individual. But recently, the population is increasing day by day and the resources are less to fulfill every individual requirement. Most of the people do not worry about the future generation and they are making over the use of resources. For that, a new generation is going to face many problems in future.

The continuity of the climate change in the environment may lead to several natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and can be the reason for the loss of life and for the destruction of the properties and every place which come in contact with these disasters.

The best way to overcome these destructive activities is to follow the instructions and the ideas of the scientist otherwise we are going to face many problems in future.

If we look out the reports of the past disasters which occur in 1980, there are only near about 100 disasters. But in present, more than 300 disasters take place every year which consists of natural disasters like volcanic eruptions, landslides, avalanches, and earthquakes.

Some scientists believe that this disaster especially Hydro-Meteorological Disasters occur due to the combination of natural as well as man-made factors. Many surveys reveal that due to human interaction only these disasters are increasing the number.

Naturally, it can occur very rarely when you compared in previous generations but at present, as the population is increasing rapidly, human beings are responsible for these disasters. At present, global warming is the cause of the increase in the temperature gradually for the oceans and Atmosphere which leads to Intense Storms of all types which include hurricanes.

The Figure shows U.S. Without Tropical Cyclone Indicator

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In the previous generation, most of the houses in villages were constructed using sand but at present, for everything we are using cement to build our entire land which is covered with cement and leads a hazardous situation.

In case, if the land is covered by the cement. The water is unable to get absorbed by the land due to the cement. But if the land consists of sands only, the water can be easily absorbed by the land and it will overcome the chances of the floods. And the land which is covered by the cement, can not be used for the agriculture purpose in future.

The citizens of this generation are very responsible for creating the situations for the cause of disasters and for this many people lost their lives every year by floods, avalanches and by other man made disasters. It is better to make us safe from these disasters by taking small actions to protect the environment. So that, nature can balance the environment to overcome these disasters.