10 facts about Flying Squirrel

Flying squirrels don’t fly like a bird they glide from one place to another and doing this they look adorable. Let’s see more interesting facts about flying squirrels:-


Flying squirrels have black big round eyes that make them cute. The big eyes make their night vision clear and visible so they can easily find some food. 

Some researchers found that flying squirrels glow in the dark. Flying squirrels glow in the pinkish shade and the undersides shine more than the overall body. 

Flying squirrel has two limbs connected that look like a parachute and also called “patagia”. It helps them in gliding and balancing. 

Flying squirrels can easily glide more than 150 feet and turn on 180-degrees. 

More than 80% of flying squirrels species are available in Asia. 

Female flying squirrels are said to be protective mothers for their babies.

Flying squirrels spend much time in their nests still they can deal with any type of climate change. 

Some flying squirrels can be huge and heavy more than a housecat and when they open their wings it may threaten you. 

Flying squirrels have sharp toes and sharp teeth that help them in climbing on trees. 

The lifespan of a flying squirrel can be between 18-20 years. 


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