10 Facts about Fly

Flies can be very annoying and bother you more than anyone. Some interesting facts about flies will amaze you when you’ll notice their style of feeding, breeding, and living so let’s take a look at them:-


Flies don’t have such mouthparts that are necessary for chewing or biting the food so they survive on a liquid diet especially the common housefly. 

Flies can taste by using their legs as they have taste receptors beneath their legs that are called chemonsensilla. 

Flies can defecate anywhere anytime as they consume more liquid that’s why flies are responsible for spreading many diseases and infections. 

Houseflies can easily walk on any type of surface. 

Flies can rotate their eyes at 360-degree angles that means they can see behind themselves. 

A housefly can lay 1,000 eggs or more and it takes 10 days in the hatching process. 

The lifespan of a common housefly is 30-40 days.

A fly has two pairs of wings that help them in flying and balancing. 

Flies don’t have teeth but they have a big tongue that helps them in sucking.

Some flies suck blood and nectar but housefly only like the food we eat.  

Most flies stay active in the daytime and less active in the night just like humans.