10 facts about Frog

There are more than 4,700 species of frogs available all over the world and except Antarctica, frogs are everywhere on this earth. 

Golden poison dart is a highly poisonous frog that can kill 100,000 people with only one gram of poison. 

The more vibrant colors of frogs make them more dangerous and you can found every color of a frog on this planet. 

In North America, a frog species called a wood frog freezes itself totally in the winters. Its whole body gets freeze including heartbeat, breathing process, and as the climate changes it the body temperature of the frog also falls down and becomes normal. 

The transparent frog or glass frog has skin transparency. One can easily see its heart, nerves, and digestive system from the outside. 

Some frog species found in Indonesia breathe with their skin as they have no lungs. 

The biggest frog was found in West Africa named Goliath frog that weighs more than 7 pounds similar to a newborn baby.     

Mostly all the frogs have teeth stated in the upper jaw area that helps them in holding the prey until they swallow it.

Frogs never drink water because their whole body absorbs water that keeps them hydrated. 

A group of frogs is called an army.