10 facts about Fox

Foxes are found in every part of this world including different species. Fox is known for its cleverness and they are smart creatures so let’s know more about a fox. 

Interesting facts about fox:-

Foxes are said to be nocturnal. They can easily climb on trees and chase their prey by using whiskers just like cats. 

Grey fox looks like a cat and red fox appears like a dog so male fox being called dog and female called vixens. 

Fox colony was known as leash or skulk that survive in the dens. These underground dens are quite safe for pups and protect them from other predators. 

Foxes smell nasty. The smelly glands stated under their tale are responsible. 

Fox can produce more than 40 types of different sounds and some of them can shiver your soul. 

Foxes are solitary animals just like wolves, dogs, and coyotes.


Foxes have an excellent hearing quality, especially red foxes. They use Earth’s magnetic field and their hearing ability for prey.

Foxes are smart and intelligent animals and they love playing. 

Foxes are protective parents and a female can produce 6-11 pups once a year.

Vixen takes care of pups and the male fox collects food. 

The arctic fox can survive in -70-degree temperature with its furry fluffy white coat.