Social media – a place where everyone is a news reporter and every other person is a content consumer. Every day your social media account is bombarded with content like friends photos, good news, bad news, relationship status etc.

A normal user of social media does feel anything bad because everything seems alright. It’s enjoyable, it’s full of fun, it’s full of hot girl pics, it’s full of meme that you are craving for. So what happens in social media is good or bad, today we are going to talk about this.

Today social media has become a place of social status. People of different cast, breed, religion, income level come to social media to show their daily routine. Today we will talk about only students. Should students use social media? So the ultimate question is.

So what’s wrong with social media?

If we say in short: Everything is wrong with social media. You might have been surprised how everything can be wrong when everything looks person.

The answer is social media always tell you half truth.

Being a student you are being brainwashed by social media. Brainwashing is technique where if a person starts believing on something since child hood, he will keep believing the same till his death. Brainwashing is  so strong. It’s difficult to image what you have thought everything is perfect since childhood and then someone is telling you everything is not perfect. You won’t believe that someone. You will fight for it because it’s in Your DNA.

If you have been brainwashed to think that something is perfect, You won’t change this perspective even in adult hood. You will fight for what has been taught to you whether it is wrong or right, till your last breadth.

Social media is dangerous because, it hides the half story.

Half Truth

Social media runs on algorithm, where same content is fed to you every time. Same perspective, same hate, same hot girl, same sad story.

Social media will optimize your news feed according to your first belief and keep on repeating. You will never be able to see, read the rest of the story.  Social media companies spy on you they track your likes and dislikes, suppose may be your first like was by mistake and you believed on something that was wrong but believe me when you will login next time you will see similar stories. Stories will keep on coming until you are brainwashed to finally believe to that same thing that was wrong.

Social media always shows you the biased news, half baked story. it’s not that the other half of story is not on social media, it’s there. But there is no connection between the two stories because some else somewhere is again reading a half story.

Instant Judgement

Let’s take an example to understand better. Suppose one day you logged in to social media and you find a girl post where she accused one guy of sexual harassment. After reading her long post you got angry for the guy, you started abusing him, you started thinking of killing him. You never thought about if that girl is really telling the truth. Most people on social media do not realize this. They come to the instant judgement.

There have been many cases of mob lynching where mob killed a guy or girl based on fake news and rumors. Social media is no longer a boon but it is a brainwashing factory.

Fake News

Most of the news you read over social media are biased, one sided and also fake. The brainwashing factory does not fail to make you believe that a fake news is not actually fake. You start considering fake news truth and truth fake. You loose your neutral mind to decide what is wrong and what is right.

Reading fake news has no benefit for students.

Artificial World

Social media is not a real world, it’s an artificial world that doesn’t exists in reality. The photos of people you see having fun, may not be having fun in reality. Every photo is see is exclusively taken to post on social media and it’s very far from reality.

A happy couple on social media may not be happy in reality, a good girl on social media may not be a good girl in reality.

It’s place to show off. It’s a place to show your social status. It’s a place where people want to put you down but you may not realize. It’s a place where someone may be spying you. it’s a place where you connected with your fake friends who might not even give you helping hands in case you need it.

You may be fighting with your family for your artificial friends but believe me they are fake. There is no real connection now. It is all over. People change.

Rat Race

It’s a rat race bro, it’s sad but it’s true. You are stuck in a rat race where you are made to belive this race is going to make you a super hero, super champion, most famous. But the sad truth is you are going nowhere.

Rat race is a infinite while loop that never stops. This race of following other will lead you no where. Posting pictures to get likes is a rat race, making videos to get famous is a rat race, talking shit is a rat race.

Liking hot girl pics is a rat race. Buying new clothes to post pictures is a rat race. Following annoying people when in reality you might have slapped them is a rat race. Thinking wrong is not wrong is a rat race.

Loss of Creativity

Let’s go back in time when there was no social media. Lets think what the founders of social media were doing that time? You are right they were thinking to make such sites, they were learning to code, they were coding. They were creative. They created something new. They created social media but they snatched your creativity. They are super rich now. Sitting on pile of cash. But think about your self what you have done? what are you trying to do? Are you just enjoining their creation? or do you have guts to create something your own.

Creativity always comes when there is need. Social media feels perfect there is no need of anything. People using social media are less creative and gradually start thinking less.

What to do?

It’s simple. Get out of the social media. Delete your profile today. Stop following your fake friends. Take time to find your lost soul. Take time to realize who you are. Take time to know what you want.

Get out of the rat race, get out of the show off world. You don’t need to show off your worth to anybody. You are not worthless. You have lots to do. You have your future ahead. Find your love, find your passion, find your books and start reading.

Now go and read your books.