How to teach online

There are many ways to teach online. We are going to list here some of the popular ways to teach online.

  1. YouTube – YouTube is the best way to reach wider audience and find your students. YouTube pays on views per thousand. Generally it is 1 USD less and more per thousand views. YouTube offers two ways to teach. One way is to record the teaching video and upload it and another way is to teach live. In live teaching you will have to broadcast your live session to YouTube and people will join. It’s better to teach live once you have some subscribers base because in live teaching you can earn extra money through super chat.
  2. Through Video Conferencing – If you already have a students base you can create a group in WhatsApp or any other platform then you can start video conferencing with all of them to start teaching.
  3. Through Blogs/Website – This way of teaching is like writing a book then people will read once it is completed. For this you will need to have your own website or you can join any other website like unacademy and start blogging. Blogging can be in the form of text or video. Basically you have to write articles that people and read and find helpful. You will need to have a ad-sense account to create earning source.
  4. Sell subscription on Website – Here a student will pay you recurring fees for teaching him online. It’s like you will have continuous source of income as long as people choose to subscribe to your course.


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