Let me give a unbiased idea about living in USA and India.

Average income in USA is around 59,039 USA dollar, which is multiple times higher than India.

Cost of living in USA is also multiple times higher than India. Which means you won’t become rich in USA you will still be in middle class person living in USA.

You will have everything, you can buy car, party and have fun in life. But buying a house costs a lot.

Sending your children to collage is also not that easy. It cost yearly US$58,464 for collage seduction in USA including accommodation, books, tuition fee and transportation. So if you income is below 60k USA is not a proper choice.

Immigrate  people in USA mostly suffer from isolation. They can get all the money they want in life but will be mostly left alone and no one to care about.

You will abandon your most loving parents for USA dream and years will pass by they will get old no one to take care of them.

Life in USA is great if you are young but suffering starts after the age of 50, when you yourself get old. Your children will move to other USA cities for jobs etc and you will be left in a foreign country no to take care of you.

At last you might find that your old friend from school in India, have become more richer than you living in India and with parents, that time you will regret about your USA dream and you will have doubt on your life choices.

Currently India is going through a growth phase and it will continue till next 30 years. You might be surprised that Indian economy will surpass USA in next 50-60 Years. In next 5 years from Now, India will be fourth largest economy after japan and 10 years from now India will be 3rd largest economy after China, USA.

USA was not like this some 200 years ago. People worked and made USA what is today. There are two kinds of people in this world.

First – they try to make their place better, Second – they try to escape to a better place. In India we too have these two kinds of people and it’s upto you to find out in which category you belong.

The first ones are called entrepreneurs and the second ones are called consumers. A consumer is a laborer, who earns money working for an entrepreneur to consumer things made by an entrepreneur.

Things are getting ugly here. I am not telling you that you are laborer or entrepreneur. I am just trying to tell you that unlike USA, India also has these two kinds of people working continuously to make it a better place. And that’s what pushing India on a growth train.

If India is not good today it will be better tomorrow. If you want to settle in USA you will also have to think about your life in old age and also about your kids.

Do you want to make your kids entrepreneur or laborer because there is no scope for entrepreneur in USA but plenty in India because nothing has been done yet. There are lots of things that has to be done.

Cost of living in India is far less than USA but also income is far less than USA income. Everything has it’s pros and cons. It’s better to research properly before you make any decision.

So what’s the better choice?

The better choice would be to stay in India and take USA projects if you are in Tech Industry. You will earn USA income in India, and live a king size.

India is already the largest software outsourcing market for USA and these things are working for many people. If you are a freelancer you can also make money in dollars sitting at home.

You can also work for some years in USA and later come back to start your own business here, but most people go thing about this only but they never come back reason is not that they don’t want to come back but the reason is they have lost all the relationship in India, they lost their old friends, even family member will not recognize them. Their kids also don’t want to go back to India (because they are young and not mature to think about future) and continue to study in USA, so these people are force to live in USA later in their life.

Now it’s upto you to settle in USA or India. Thanks