Why is mango called king of fruits

Mango is called king of fruits due to its taste and cheaper availability. First mangoes were cultivated in India around 2000 BCE and mango was brought to east asia around 400 500 BCE. Carrabao mango is the national fruit of Philippines generally mango tree grows to 35 to 40 m tall and it has a radius of 10 m.

The right fruit varies in size colour sweetness and eating quality.
In South Asia mangoes have been cultivated for thousands of years, mangoes are generally cultivated in subtropical climates with warmer climate.

India is the largest producer of mango in 2017 India produced around 19.5 million tonnes of mangoes followed by China which produce 4,800,000 tonnes of mangoes then Thailand 3,800,000 tonnes then Indonesia 2,600,000 tonnes then Mexico 2,000,000 tons.

Mangoes are generally sweet pulpy soft and juicy, in India mangoes are used to make mango shake.
Mangoes are also used to make Murabba, pickles and ripe mangoes are cut into bars and are dried and these days mangoes are used to make drinks like Mazza.

Mangoes are also used , to make juices or smoothies ice cream fruit bars etc now coming to the question why is mango called king of fruits so answer to this question is.

mango can be called as the king of fruits because it is used everywhere and it is not very costly so everyone can afford it . it is freely available in villages around India and also nobody hates mango.

1 cup of mango provides your daily requirement for vitamin E it is a rich source of vitamin C and mango helps boost immunity. mango contains folate vitamin K vitamin A and several vitamins which adds to our immunity as well.