Honey bees are cutest animals isn’t it. They make honey which is sweet and delicious everything is perfect until now but you might be surprised to know that most of the time a honey bee dies after they sting a person.

Why do they die?

A honey bee sting

A honey bee only stings when it finds threat to it’s hive or when treated baldly but after it stings it dies.

Actually after a honey bee stings it is unable to pull back it’s stinger. After a sting it not only leaves behind the stinger but also it’s digestive tract, muscles and nerves. This abdominal rupture kills the honey bee.

 When a honey bee stings, you should immediately remove and destroy it’s stinger to protect yourself from further damage. 

Most of the bees protecting it’s hive are worker bees and they don’t reproduce but they protect others bees who reproduce and this is how bees continue their life and reproduction.