Why is India still a developing country

Many times you wanted to know the answer why is India still a developing country? but need not to worry, here we will look at all the possibility as to why it is still developing ?

Late Start

America got independence on 1783, while India got independence on 1947, just after 164 years. America had 164 years to become developed and prosper when India was still under British control.

It’s like loosing weight, earlier you start earlier you loose weight. As of now America has lost all the weight and also has 6 packs, but since India started late, it’s still in the Gym. The day is not far when India will also show it curves.

India has started late in every sector, western people were the first to start everything because they had freedom, the freedom to experiment, freedom to fight war, and freedom to explore, but we had lost our freedom somehow.

It has been just 71 years since India’s independence and we Indians have achieved a lot and we should be proud of that.


Religion is the one of the main reason why India lost it’s freedom in the first place, and religion was also the second factor why India started late.

India was much ahead in spiritual world than another country on this planet. We had ancient Indian sages and saints who never believed in war, who never believed in material world. Instead of becoming scientists and inventors they became sages.

Indians were at the top in maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid since the beginning of time, because they had realized that there was a limitation of human adventures on this planet. Even if they become scientists they won’t be able to know the truth, the truth how this world form, who created it and who we are.

Indians never wanted to explore the materialist world to make a gun and kill other people, it’s the westerners who did that. Again religion comes into picture here.

Most of the westerners were followers of Christianity and Islam, which runs on the principal of spreading your faith and religion unlike Hinduism. A Hindu never thought of spreading their faith to other people or to kill them or to enslave them. Ours was a very pure form on consciousness where our sages knew who was ignorant.

India might be developing country in materialist world but it was always a developed country in spiritual world where our people were happy and loving.

Our Vedas begin where science ends because science is the outcome of mind and Vedas are the out come of soul it’sef seeing the reality.

Religion has played a big role in the downfall of India in materialist world. India was enslaved for about 1000 years and main cause of this was religion and faith in spirituality. People never wanted to kill other people. Unlike Hinduism western religion were more concentrated on materialist gains  rather than spiritual gains that is why they plundered and looted other countries and places. For a record India has never invaded a country as of now and that shows how Hinduism was deeply connected with spiritual gain rather than materialist gain. It’s not that our people were not strong to fight these butchers but they were always late in terms of arms and killings.

As time has passed and now people are more concerned about materialist gain then India is developing and it’s developing fast and the day is not far when it will be counted among the developed countries.

Bad Governance

Bad governance is another reason why India is still behind many countries.

The Good example of bad governance would be to compare India with China because at some point in past both India and China were almost equal in terms of economy and labor force but something happened with China that never happened with India and the result is India is presently far behind China in everything.

Today as  of as of 2018 China is 11 trillion economy where as India is 2.8 trillion. That’s not even half of China’s economy.

Now the question is what had happened and why India was left behind. Who is responsible for this mess?

India is improving its rank in ease of doing business. The better question would have been to ask previous government why it took India so long to reform it’s policies.

India should have improved the ease of doing business 2 -3 decades ago. How anyone will start a business when starting a business is so tough. It’s sad that it’s sad that people don’t want change and previous government did exactly same. It did not change anything to please people for vote bank.

Simplification of taxes is another example that should have been implemented 3 decades ago.

Better policies and reforms pave the way to better future. But since there was no future planning by the previous government, we are suffering today.

Corruption is another factor that destroyed the growth like a termite, when ever there is a bad governance there will be a sharp increase in rampant corruption because even government will be involved in corruption. India has suffered a lot of corruption from past 70 years.

The policies and reforms should have been implemented decades ago.

Reservation system is another termite that India is going through. Reservation should have been abolished 30 years ago, it did not happen because again vote bank.

Past governments did no reforms and that is reason why India is still a developing country.