What career is best for you, How to choose your career.


Career is something which has become a big question mark on the face to all the students because they are behind the lament position of the rat race.

Education in our country India is flourishing in the industrial department because they are, each and every year producing machines which are none other than our brothers homo sapiens.

The word passionate or in love is confined only to money, it is only that parchment paper which excites us most?. Where has the interest gone? Where is that spark in your eye when you do your work?


Is earning money what life all about?

If so, I would have bought my own money printing machine. Ironic enough?

When the question arises about what career is best for you, you can open your mouth wider enough and say that ” I will make a career out of what I really want to do and not what I have to or the society wants me to do”.

I think it is a really good time that each and every one of us should realize this tremendously important point.

An individual might motivate you to take up the career which you like but a group of person will not only degrade you but also take that little thought of career out of you, so be careful as to who’s thought you take into account.


A career will be best for you only when you are passionate and in love with it, it is only then you can actually make a career out of it and succeed.

There are many persons who will realize what career is best for them at a very young age because of the beautiful implementation of incidents.

Incidents and fate play a pivotal role in one’s life. It is very tragic that many people don’t realize or actually see their career or talent in hidden incidents.

This is the exact point which us today, at this moment should take into account because this will really help you to reveal yourself to the naive side of yourself.

A very bright and good example can be given is of Salim Ali who is popularly known as the “Birdman of India”. During his childhood days, Salim Ali shot a bird for a sport with his toy air gun and it was later found out by W.S. Millard, Secretary of the Bombay Natural History Society that it was a yellow-throated sparrow. Young Salim instantly grew fascinated about birds, his research and books about birds became the bible for ornithologist and the rest is history.

But don’t feel upset if you don’t find your childhood as fascinating, interesting or incidental as his because this is the beauty of incidents that we tend to find or realize it at the time when we least expect it .

Reminiscing childhood is one way of choosing a career and there are many other ways to choose a career.

A career can also be found in what you are not good at because when you are not good at something, you try to be good at it and when you try to be good at it, you try to find the way of excellence and then you find yourself placed into the career which you never imagined.

But be cautious, career is not found in your everyday tea cup.

Writer Chetan Bhagat initially pursued engineering, then did his MBA and started working as an investment banker in Hon Kong, there was something amiss in his life because his heart was a writer’s one. He left his initial career to pursue his career in writing and the rest is known by each and every avid reader. His novels have not only sold over 7 million copies but are also made into movies.

This is the beauty of career, to have a courageous step taken with a leap of faith and then it gives you the gift of success, right in front of your doorstep.

In a very different manner, Writer Ravinder Singh never ever imagined that he would become a writer. Choosing a corporate career, he initially never knew what he was capable of, the teary incidents of his life made him express his feelings into the infinity of texts, which made him become one of the famous writers of India.

Can you see what happened over here? Career itself found him.

In life, maybe, when you are just looking rather than actually seeing, career itself presents you in its most tragic and unimaginable way and then makes you into the person you actually want to be.

The hilarious notion of “Man makes good engineers” has churned up today’s youth into the by-products of something they were never meant to be. A braver point I find is that, even though they are lead into a wrong path, they later, somehow find their actual path in which they were meant to exist.

It is said that, do something and make a career out of that passion, which doesn’t let you sleep, which comes in your dreams and tries every day to throw a spark of hint at you and says, that this is who you are and this is who should be.


Numerous people have switched their careers from business or corporate or mechanical to social work, soothing, environmental etc and also vice versa.

One of the great or common or highly recommended way to choose your career is to peep into that list of yours which utters the sentence “My hobbies” or ” My favorite pass time” because these will be the one’s by which you can make a career, if you have the courage enough to pursue it, and even if you don’t, you will, at some point in your life get drawn to that path because that inner little creative side of yours will try to crop up, even if you try to shove it off again and again.

The famous and international bestseller novel “The monk who sold his Ferrari” by Robin Sharma speaks about career change which brought inner peace and tranquility. The novel speaks about a very successful lawyer Julian Mantle who is spilled up with his daily redundant life. Even though being highly excellent and perfect in his law career, he finds it difficult to be in the law of life. After a heart attack, he decides to put a stopper to his busy hectic life and goes on an extraordinary odyssey to find and absorb his spiritual side which not only changes him physically but also mentally. He goes to India to find the sages who hold the secrets to a better life, all the wisdom they know is flown to him and the result of it is highly promising.

If you are looking for a career change or a career find, I highly recommend you to read this novel because it will give you an in-depth knowledge and also a sneak peak into what will be the end of a non-loving career, this novel will highly open up your spiritual side and will make you famished for goodness because this is what life is all about.

There are many common people who found their liking in the midst of nothing and also in the midst of everything, so let us, take a deep breath and find something better for us because life is lived only once and nobody has the chance to live it again and again.

So I am saying over here is that, be spontaneous, there is nothing you will regret.

It is probably a myth that life is all about making money because when you do something you love, money will come automatically at your footstep.

So go! live your life!