Can a deadly frog kill snake or a deadly snake kill frog. In this post we will find out what if two most deadliest animals come to fight who would win.

Golden dart frog belongs to the family of poison dart frog. These are the most colored and poisonous frog found on the planet. 

Poison dart frog are bright colored frogs and secrete poison through their skin, which can kill or paralyze it’s pray in few minutes. They live in rainy forests. 

Life span of dart frog is 10 years. 

King Cobra is the most venomous snake in this world. King cobra is found in India and mostly Asian countries. It eats rats and other rodents. It puts it’s venom filled fangs into rat and swallows it. 

Life span of king cobra is 20 years.

Poison dart frog

WeightLess than 1 oz
Group NameArmy
Cope, 1865

Many frog species camouflage themselves in the wild but poison dart frog uses it’s bright skin to warn the predators that it is not fit to eat. If cobra eat, cobra die.

These frogs come in every color combination you can imagine red, black, yellow, green, orange, silver etc. They look beautiful but their skin color is not for beauty.

These frogs are called poison dart frog because the Choco people of Colombia use their poison in the tip of blow dart they use for hunting. 

The poison in this frog comes from it’s food. It eats variety of ants, termites, centipedes, tiny beetles. 

King Cobra

Family:Elapidae (with some exceptions)
Laurenti, 1768

King Cobra is the longest venomous snake in the world. It’s length ranges between 10-13 feet but the longest ever found was 18 feet,9 inches.

When threatened, king cobras spread their hood to look bigger and dangerous. They can even raise their head to 6 feet off the ground.

Sometimes King Cobras are weird, they eat other snake too. 

 Although this snake is deadly but it prefers to escape than to fight, unless provoked. They lay between 20-40 eggs and are very protective of their eggs they can attack a approaching human.