What is Llama by Meta AI?

What is Meta Llama 3 ?

The most recent generation of language models that Meta has released is referred to as Meta Llama 3. These models have 8 billion (8B) and 70 billion (70B) parameters, respectively, and are pretrained and instruction-fine-tuned language models. They are made to perform at the cutting edge on multiple industry benchmarks and accommodate a broad variety of use cases. The Llama 3 models are thought to be the best open-source models in their class and provide enhanced reasoning capabilities, among other new features. To promote creativity in AI applications, developer tools, assessments, inference optimizations, and other areas, they are made widely accessible.

The objectives of Llama 3 were to ensure responsible use and deployment of large language models (LLMs), boost overall helpfulness, and produce open models that are on par with the best proprietary models currently on the market. The models are a part of an ongoing development process that aims to improve performance in core LLM capabilities like reasoning and coding, extend the context capabilities of Llama 3, and make it multilingual and multimodal.

Llama 3 has improvements over Llama 2, such as a better tokenizer and grouped query attention (GQA) for faster inference. Its architecture is a decoder-only transformer. A substantial amount of the dataset, which contains over 15 trillion tokens from publicly accessible sources, is devoted to high-quality non-English data for training purposes.

In order to optimize training efficiency, Llama 3’s development team scaled up pretraining, optimized the combination of data from various sources, and applied parallelization techniques. As a result, a set of highly efficient inference-related models is produced, capable of maintaining performance gains even after extensive training.

What is meta-AI?

You can download Meta AI, a top AI assistant, for free on your phone, which is powered by Meta Llama 3. It is expanding globally with additional features. Use it on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger to do tasks, learn, and connect.

Last year Meta introduced Meta AI. Now, it’s available to more people globally.

Meta AI is now available in many countries, including Australia, Canada, Ghana, and others.

MetaAI is now smarter and quicker.

Here’s how you can use Meta AI:

  • Ask it to suggest a restaurant or find a concert.
  • Get help with studying or decorating your new apartment.
  • Use the website meta.ai for help with math or writing emails.

Meta AI is also embedded in search boxes on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. You can get web information directly from these apps.

On Facebook, ask Meta AI for details about posts you see.

Meta AI’s Imagine feature lets you create images from text quickly. This is starting in the US on WhatsApp and the web.

The images are clear and can include text. Meta AI can also animate images or make GIFs.

Meta AI is improving and will be on more devices soon. Stay tuned for updates!

Is Llama 3 open source?

Yes, Llama 3 is an open-source large language model; it is open to download on GitHub and other platforms.

Llama 3 is Facebook’s answer to Google Gemini and OpenAI’s Chat GPT

Where to try Llama 3

You can try Llama 3 on Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. They have also created a dedicated website for this called meta.ai

Right now, meta AI is not launched in all countries; if it is not available in your country, then you need to wait until it arrives.