10 Jobs that will be replaced by in AI in next 5-10 years

Customer Support Representatives: AI chat bot is already a reality, now an advanced AI can even handle basic customer quires thus an AI is well positioned to replace Customer Support Representatives. Computer related activities can be automated by using UI Path or blue prism, which is already happening. Data entery jobs are now automated and doesn’t require human involvement.

Virtual Assistants: An advanced AI can perform tasks such as scheduling, reminders, and basic information retrieval, potentially reducing the demand for human virtual assistants. Human virual assistants will be a thing of past and every computer, laptop will come with an inbuilt AI system that can do all of these tasks easily.

Data Entry Operators: As I already said earlier that Manual data entery will be thing of past. Advanced AI and automation software will take it’s place.

Translators: Basic translation services will be handled by AI. Expert human translators will still be needed but their demand will be very limited.

Content Writers: Human content writers are not needed in many cases now, AI can write ariticles, blog posts etc.

Travel Agents: AI will be able to book tickets, plan trips and calculate costs thus reducing the deman for travel agents.

Receptionists: AI can handle simple inquiries, provide directions, and schedule appointments, potentially reducing the need for a human receptionist in certain contexts.

Proofreaders: AI can assist with basic grammar and spelling checks, reducing the reliance on human proofreaders for routine editing tasks.

Paralegals: AI can assist in legal research, document analysis, and basic legal writing, potentially reducing the workload for paralegals.

While these jobs will be replaced by AI but in certain conditions human intervention will still be needed thus the demand for Expert humans will rise. Companies will prefer to do most of their task using AI + Expert Humans. Expert humans will be able to extract most out of AI’s capabilities thus both AI and Expert Humans will be able to replace thousands of workers.

So what is the future for humans now?

Future for humans lies in gaining expert capabilities that can even beat AI. And this is the time to become expert human in your field and not just remain mediocre.