Jobs that AI already replaced

AI is like teaching computers to think and act like humans. Machines with AI can do some jobs even better than people and copy what we do. There are four different kinds of AI.

Content Editor and Writer

Content writing is the process of creating and editing written material for the internet, such as blog posts, articles, social media updates, and website text. The main goal of content writing is to engage readers and build a relationship between a brand and its audience. It’s about making content people want to read that helps connect them to a company or product.

If you work as a content writer or editor and are not doing anything unique and great, AI will undoubtedly have an impact on your career.

Chat GPT – ChatGPT is a chatbot that helps users have conversations in various styles and details. It’s designed to understand and generate human-like text, making it a versatile tool for different types of interactions.

Copilot, Microsoft Copilot is a chatbot. It started on February 7, 2023. It can list sources, make poems, and write songs. It’s the new main chatbot after Cortana was stopped.

Both Chat GPT and Copilot can write excellent articles if we feed them unique information. They are already replacing human writers to some extent.

Grammarly uses AI for grammar checking, and it clearly says on its website: Use an AI helper to find the right words for writing tough emails, making your ideas clear, and keeping your projects on track.

QuillBot: QuillBot works the same way as Grammarly, and it also uses AI for Grammarly checking and rewriting articles.

AI is becoming very important for writing and making content. It helps people by researching, checking facts, and editing, which makes writers and editors work better and faster. But AI probably won’t ever take over the creative and smart thinking that humans do when they make content. But once more, AI will take over the majority of straightforward jobs that do not require creativity, leaving humans to handle a small number of jobs.

AI content generators use NLP techniques to generate readable text and articles. It copies how humans write by using examples and rules. Even word processing programs use a basic type of NLP to guess what you’ll type next or to find grammar mistakes.

Logo Designer

I asked Copilot to design a logo for my company named red, green, and blue, and here is the output.

Big and large organizations will certainly not like these logos, and believe me, for small and medium businesses, these logos are a boon as they do not need to pay any money to graphic designers. And it’s not just Copilot; there are tons of AI websites where users can create amazing logos, all designed by AI. The best thing is that AI listens to the user and tweaks and makes changes to the logo according to his requirements.

Brand Photoshoot

AI-generated models are already a reality, big brands are already investing a huge amount of money into these innovations.

Old-style fashion photo shoots cost a lot. You need to pay for photographers, models, and other staff and sometimes travel to places. It can take months to finish, and it might not even turn out well. Usually, it costs thousands of dollars, and a big part of the marketing budget goes to this.

But with AI fashion photography, you can show your clothes on digital models without spending so much. The founder of Sheep Inc. said that an AI photo shoot costs only about £85 per picture and takes about a week, much faster than the usual two months.

Example: Pebblely