What is AI?

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a kind of technology that makes computers and machines act like they have human-like thinking and problem-solving skills.

AI can do jobs that usually require a person’s brain, either on its own or with other tech like sensors, GPS, and robots. Things like voice helpers, map apps, self-driving cars, and AI that can chat (like Chat GPT) are all examples of AI that we see in the news and use every day.

In computer science, AI includes areas like machine learning and deep learning. These are ways of making AI that can learn from data and get better at tasks over time, similar to how our brains make decisions.

AI has been talked about a lot, but the arrival of Chat GPT has been a big deal. Before, AI made big steps in understanding pictures, but now it’s making progress in understanding and using language. Nowadays, AI can handle not just words but also pictures, videos, computer code, and even the patterns of molecules.

Types of artificial intelligence: weak AI vs. strong AI

Weak AI, or narrow AI, is a type of AI that’s made to do specific jobs. It’s the kind of AI we use a lot today in things like Siri, Alexa, and self-driving cars. Even though it’s called “weak,” it’s actually very powerful and can do a lot.

Strong AI includes two ideas: artificial general intelligence (AGI) and artificial super intelligence (ASI). AGI is when a machine could be as smart as a human, able to understand, learn, and plan. ASI is even more advanced; it would be smarter than any human. Right now, strong AI is just an idea, not something we can actually make. The closest thing we have to ASI are the super-smart computers we see in movies.

How is artificial intelligence a boon?

Machines are always ready to work. They don’t need breaks like people do, and they can keep working for a long time. They can do many jobs at once, and they do them well.

We use AI every day, especially on our smartphones. Our phones can understand what we say, show us the way with GPS, and keep us safe with fingerprint and face scanning.

AI is great at doing boring jobs that take us a long time. It can handle complicated tasks quickly and well.

Virtual assistants on our devices talk to us and make our work easier. They follow instructions and help us save time and effort.

How is AI a Bane?

People worry that AI might cause many to lose their jobs. A report says that by 2030, AI could take over 30% of the jobs that humans do now. This could mean 400 to 800 million people might have to find new kinds of work or have no job.

Putting AI to use is also expensive. In 2019, companies spent about $35.8 billion on AI. As of the latest available data from 2023, the global AI market is worth $196.63 billion. That’s an increase of around $60 billion since 2022. This is just for the basic type of AI, like what’s used in Siri and Alexa. Making Siri work well cost Apple $200 million, and Amazon spent $26 million on Alexa in 2013, which has likely increased since then.

Some people think that new technology and AI could cause problems for humans, like taking away jobs because robots are doing them instead. This has made some people worried about robots controlling everything. Others say that these fears are just because people don’t want to admit they can’t do things as well as AI.

The idea that AI could take over the world is something that a lot of people can’t agree on. The people who make AI say it’s supposed to help us and make our lives easier. But at the same time, there have been accidents and other problems caused by AI, like self-driving cars crashing or chat programs saying bad things. These issues are happening more often, and experts think they will keep increasing.

For example, there were about 500 times when AI caused problems, and the number is going up fast. In 2022, there were 90 of these incidents, and in just the first three months of 2023, there have already been 45. If things keep going like this, we could see around 180 by the end of 2023. AI is meant to be helpful, but sometimes it can cause harm, just like in the movie ‘Megan’. So, it’s important to think about whether AI is safe or not.


AI is a strong tool that can change the world a lot. If we use AI carefully, it can do a lot of good. But if we don’t control how AI is made and used, it could cause problems.