In this article we are going to analyse top 10 places in India where Indians can hide at the time of war between China or Pakistan. Coronavirus has brought humanity near to the world war 3 and we are not sure when we can be forced for war because situations is very hostile on our border areas so we are going to find out what are the best safest places in India to hide at the time of war.

Lakshadweep is the number one safest place in India to hide at the time of war between China or Pakistan situated in Indian Ocean Lakshadweep is Group of islands.

Since China has military base in Sri Lanka that is why we are not considering Kanyakumari as the safest place in India because it is very near to Sri Lanka and a war with China may occur in these areas to.

A war with China may need Andaman and Nicobar Islands to put hold on Chinese goods movement from Malacca Strait so in this case Andaman and Nicobar Islands maybe used by military and may not be the safest place that is why we are keeping Andaman and Nicobar Islands out of the safest place list.

For North India the safest place is Bihar and part of Uttar Pradesh because these states just lie below Nepal and it is pretty much difficult for China to attack Bihar or Uttar Pradesh directly due to Nepal having highly mountainous regions and high-rise mountains of Himalayas like Everest mountains so it is very difficult for Chinese Army to come directly from Nepal side and attack on Bihar or Uttar Pradesh. But these areas are still prone to missile attack.

City‘s like Bengaluru ,Hyderabad, Madurai Mysore ,Nagpur ,Bhopal ,Indore Jabalpur Pune can be considered safe places in India because they are situated in South India so basically south Indian cities that at least 300 km inside the ocean areas can be considered pretty much safe but then these areas are also prone to intercontinental missile attack.

Mumbai ,Surat, Nashik, Pune ,Vadodara Agra ,Delhi ,Kanpur ,Lucknow ,Patna Prayag Raj ,Varanasi ,Ranchi Jamshedpur ,Kolkata , Agartala and Imphalcan be considered safe because these areas are at least 400 to 500 km from border areas and are pretty much safe from possible Chinese or Pakistani‘s attack.

War threat from Pakistan and China keeps decreasing as we go down to Southern states and in northern states the most hostile regions at the time of war with China and Pakistan are the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh Arunachal Pradesh ,Sikkim ,Uttarakhand ,Punjab ,Rajasthan and Gujarat.