In this article we are going to analyse how much coal does India has.

World has estimated 1.1 trillion tonnes of coal reserves and that is enough to last for next 150 years in contrast to the oil reserves which will only last for next 50 to 52 years.

Coal is a fossil fuel and burning coal causes air pollution. Coal is mostly used for electricity generation in thermal power plants and for cooking.

China was the worlds largest coal producing country and and has been like this since last three decades, the coal industry in China is growing by 40% over the last decade.

India is currently the worlds fastest growing coal producing country and it also overtook United States of America as the second largest coal producing country after China.

The top five countries like China ,United States of America ,India ,Russia and Japan accounts for over 75% of coal consumption worldwide.

China holds the first position for coal production while India is the second coal producing country. In 2019 China produced nearly 3,500,000 tonnes of coal, which was equal to 46% of global total coal yield.

India coal production was about 716 million tonnes and it consumed around 8% of the worlds total coal and you would be surprised that despite having so much coal reserves India also imports coal and it was the second largest importer of coal in 2019 . India imported 119 7,840,000 tonnes of coal and these coals are mostly used for electricity generation in India.

Over 300 million years ago before dinosaurs many giant plants were there on planet Earth when these plants died they got Buried inside earth. hundred million years ago these plants were buried where water and the heat and pressure turned these plants into coal and that’s how coal formed.

Cavemen were using coal for heating and cooking food because burning coal was easier because it was burning longer than conventional wood.

In 1800s trains were powered by coal , also known as the steam engine.

Coal is called fossil fuel because it was formed by plants that were once alive.

Carbon dioxide a gas that is colourless orderless and produced mostly by breathing is the main source of a cause for climate change because most of the CO2 emissions are produced by burning fossil fuels like oil natural gas and coal and this CO2 are necessary for plants breathing but excess of CO2 emission causes greenhouse effect because it traps the heat and keeps our earth warm then the usual.

As of 2019 India has about 319.02 tonnes of coal.

Jharkhand is the number one producer of coal in India with 83,152 million tonnes of coal reserve.
Odisha is The second largest producer of coal in India and has reserve of 79295 million tonnes followed by Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra ,Bihar, Uttar Pradesh ,Meghalaya, Assam ,Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh.