The future of film industry is dark. Darker than you can imagine. In coming future movie industry will employee less people than it used to be.

Good Movies will make billions but very few will share the profits. In many industry, robots and AI is going to replace real people but guess what will replace real people in film industry?

It’s virtual characters. Characters that will look like a real human but is not real will replace real humans. Advancement of CGI, VFX technology will lead us here.

Voice will be given by computer itself. In future to make movies you will just need bunch of VFX people and script writer that’s all. You will not need millions to make movies.

Movie making will be easier than you think. Anybody will be able to create and release a movie. Of course good movie will only make noise but virtual characters will be a real thing.

To understand how things are changing we will have to talk about 2 things Computer-generated imagery (CGI ) and Animation and how these two things have evolved over time.

Computer-generated imagery (CGI )

Computer-generated imagery (CGI ) is a branch of computer graphics that helps us to create beautiful digital art, and video for commercials, Television and Movies. Through this technology we can create static or moving visual content.

In the year 1960, a 49 second vector animation of a car travelling down a highway was created by Swedish  Royal Institute of Technology on BESK computer. And this was the beginning of computer animation.

Later on CGI was used in various movies like star wars, SuperMan, Tron, The lord of the rings, Matrix etc.

If you see the movie AVATAR, you will find that between 1980 to 2000 CGI improved a lot and it’s improving every year, in the movie AVATAR. The producers pushed the CGI to the whole new level.


In VFX computer generated imagery is combined with real life shots. Now a days VFX has become way to go for movie and gaming industry.

Soon VFX is going to take over virtual characters and the day is not far. VFX has reduced the cost of making stunning movies where you don’t need army of men fighting with the hero but just hero with virtual army.