What makes Hyperloop One special?

Science and Technology have changed the face of the planet. There are new inventions which are making the lives of people super convenient and easy. There are inventions like metro, planes, helicopters, and fast cars which makes our travel experience simple, fast and convenient. What’s next? Have you ever thought about the future? Do you see any new inventions in the coming 10 years? Today, we want to share the newest invention called the Hyperloop by the company, Hyperloop One. Previously, it was called Hyperloop Technologies. The objective of the invention is noble and it will change the transportation trend. Hyperloop One has been working on a transportation system which will make travelling fast. It will be cheaper than air tickets but it will match up the speed of airlines.

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Who developed the Hyperloop One?

The concept was introduced by Elon Musk in the year 2013. He is not involved with the company, which is designing the Hyperloop. Elon Musk is a Canadian American investor, inventor and engineer. He came up with the concept of Hyperloop. However, it is Hyperloop One Company, which is working on the project. It was just a casual conversation between Elon Musk and Shervin Pishevar. They were flying together in the year 2013 and they started to talk about the idea.

Rob Lloyd is the CEO of Hyperloop One. Shervin Pishevar is the co-founder of the Hyperloop One Company. The company has many investors which include Sherpa Capital, 137 Ventures, Formation 8, DP World, Fast Digital, Caspian Venture Capital, Khosla Ventures, GE Ventures, SNCF, Western Technology Investment, Fast Digital and Zhen Fund. The company is based in Los Angeles. The company does not have rights on the idea since it was originally Elon Musk’s idea.


What does it do?

According to the team at Hyperloop One, the Hyperloop will be fast and efficient. You will be able to reach Abu Dhabi in merely 12 minutes from Dubai. The special pods will cover 1,200 kilometres in roughly one hour. The tests are going on at the test site in Nevada. The public trial of the DevLoop will be performed in the later part of 2017. Hyperloop basically shoots pots into the tubes at a lightning speed. These tubes are vacuum sealed and reaching Las Vegas from Los Angeles will hardly take 80 minutes. You do not need to buy a flight ticket because the Hyperloop will make it convenient for you to travel.


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This is the image of the station that will be built in Burj Khalifa. It will be technologically advanced and it will also change the way the world travels.


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You will be able to reach from one place to another at a supersonic speed. The plan is to build large tubes and the pods will be running inside those tubes. There will be no tracks inside. There will be several small pods instead of a long train. How will a person breathe inside the tube? Well, there are arrangements for controlling the environment inside the tube. The plan is evolving and the company aspires to connect the major emirates to make travel faster and convenient.

Here is a 3D Animation for understanding the Hyperloop One transport vision.

Hyperloop One will be introduced in Dubai in the year 2020. This is how it will look like!

The Hyperloop One will make travel faster! You can reach destinations at a lightning fast speed.


The Advantages of Hyperloop

The Hyperloop will be better than the bullet trains. How? Let us find out through the quick points.

  • It will be MUCH faster than bullet trains. Reaching 1,200 kilometres in an hour is SUPERFAST!
  • The rates will be cheaper as compared to the flight rate. How much do you pay for a flight from Las Vegas to Los Angeles? The answer is A FORTUNE! You will be able to reach Los Angeles from Las Vegas in just $30.
  • There will be no waiting time because sources told us that the Hyperloop will arrive in just 30 seconds. Would you need to wait in long queues? The answer is NO!
  • It is the future of our world. There are many inventions which have made life simpler for us. Imagine having Hyperloop all over the world! It will be life transformational! You will be able to reach anywhere within minutes. There will be no barriers between states and countries. This could be the future!


Final Verdict

Many reviewers said that it is an impossible project. We went through reviews and asked the readers. They felt that they would rather hop on a bus than get suffocated in a tube. Just so you know, the company is working on it and the plan is evolving. The environment inside the tubes will be controlled. We feel that it is a brilliant invention because we do require cheaper and better options. There are people, who wish to travel to different nations but they cannot afford the plane ticket. This will be a great way to travel to different states. If there are important business meetings, you will be able to reach in time. If you wish to meet your relatives, you can quickly catch the Hyperloop, meet them and come back home the same day. It will be a very convenient option. Can we count on Hyperloop one? Will we get to see the Hyperloop in near future? There is only one way to find out. We have to be patient for the invention to be launched for public access.