What is the future of bitcoin

I am sound harsh but in simple words i can say there is no future of bitcoin as long as government system is there. Bitcoin can not be controlled by the government so no government will want to implement bitcoin in full scale. Bitcoin can easily be used for illegal purpose and no one can track them.

The sad reality is that as long as government system exists bitcoin and another crypto currency can not come into existence.

If bitcoin really wants to become reality it needs to become more open e.g who paid whom, any government will want to know this isn’t it?

people can escape tax using bitcoin so why will any government will implement this.

if again people make bitcoin like dollar then it’s a dollar it’s not bitcoin. The sad truth is bit coin has become currency for illegal activities.

I don’t think bit coin is going to come in picture as a full scale global currency in next 100 years.

e.g India banned bitcoin. Do you think India going to use bitcoin in next 100 years ? No, because India is a stable democracy and here democracy will certainly last next 100 years as far as i am see.

Same China. China is not democratic but it will never use crypto.

Bitcoin has failed but every failure gives you a lession isn’t it? the lesson is Blockchain.

Yes Bitcoin gave the world a new technology BlockChain and we can be thankful to bitcoin for this.