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How india will be in 2050

What India will look like in 2050? Here we are going to list some of the points that looks promising.

  1. By the year 2050 India will have completed 2050-1947 = 103 years of Independence from British Raj.
  2. India Economy will be the second largest economy after China, Surpassing USA.
  3. By the year 2050 India’s brain drain problem will completely stop, students from prominent institutes like IIT will no longer go outside India to find jobs.
  4. By that time Indian entrepreneurs, VCs will become more intelligent, risk takers and will invest their money and time in more innovative companies rather than eCommerce and ride sharing.
  5. India will have world class Roads. Indian roads will be quite durable because by that time 90 % of the Indian roads will be made with plastic. These plastic roads will reduce India plastic problems and India will look more clean and green.
  6. India will have more electric car than diesel and petrol car. Indian government has started producing ethanol and by the year 2050, 90% of the vehicle will either run on ethanol or battery. Thus reducing India dependence on oil. Finally India will import less oil from Iran, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.
  7. Self driving cars will be a normal thing. Self driving technology will have been matured by that time and many Indian companies will adopt this new technology. Special corridors will be made for self driving cars which will have zero road accident record.
  8. India will have a separate highway corridor for self driving trucks that will run at the speed of more than 200 km/h. These self driving trucks will be autonomous and mostly run on solar power and battery.
  9. India will have the largest number of Internet users after China. By that time India will have highest Internet speed in the world. Thanks to JIO Fiber. JIO will be the single largest Internet service provider in India replacing Airtel. Vodafone and Idea will shut down their business.
  10. India’s tourism industry will be larger than the economy of neighboring countries like Sri lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal combined. More and more people will visit India than ever before due to development in infrastructure, safety, cleanliness and culture.
  11. India will have more engineers than the 1/3 of the world combined. Indian engineers will no longer be fascinated to work in Microsoft or Google but they will finally create something new themselves.
  12. By 2050 India will have it’s own Trillion dollar company. This company will be a product company. Indians will be finally able to create product companies due to increase in wealth and influence around the world.
  13. People will get something new called free basics by the government.
  14. Free basics will include house, food, health and education.
  15. By the year 2050 house, food, health, education will become free.
  16. Every individual will get free laptop, smartphone and other electronic gadgets because demand for electronic gadgets will go down so price will become zero.
  17. Companies will give electronic gadgets for free and will make money from advertisement and sponsored apps.
  18. Most of the free electronic gadgets will be shipped by China all over the world. But finally India will give tough competition to these Chinese tech giants due to huge labor power and abundance of good engineers in the country.
  19. Public transport will become more advanced and complex. Many car companies will shut down their business. Only some will survive.
  20. India population will increase till 2030 and will seize by year 2050 due to public awareness and increase in literacy rate. India will touch 90 to 99 percent literacy rate by that time.
  21. Most of the Universities will shut down their business because education will become free and degree won’t matter by that time.
  22. By year 2050 India will be involved in commercial farming and most of these things will be done by Robot farmers which will drastically reduce food price and will make it negligible or you can say free.
  23. People availing free basics will be the new poor people of India.
  24. India will be very powerful country than all of it’s neighbor and their neighbor combined except China.
  25. India’s 100 smart cities plan will be a real thing. By year 2030 India will spend huge money on Smart Cities. Rich people from congested, polluted and crowded cities will move to these smart cities.
  26. Pakistan will finally stop sending terrorists to India due to it’s high-tech borders guarded by Ariel robot snipers, who will conduct surgical strikes almost everyday.
  27. Pakistan will remain a weaker country due to it’s religion obsession over science and technology which will never let Pakistan grow.
  28. Pakistan will face next 30 years of Civil war due to it’s army taking over country and interfering in internal matters of the government and public opinion. Pakistan army will try to overtake Pakistan civil government to establish an army rule in Pakistan.
  29. India will have a stable government because of democracy and citizens awareness and increase in literacy rate.
  30. People will no longer fight for religion, caste and reservation in India.
  31. India will have almost 500 Billionaires with few trillionaires.
  32. Most of the jobs in the country will be taken over by Robots and more than 1/3rd of the population will be jobless with nothing to do but will survive due to free basics given by government.
  33. Only smart jobs will be done by smart humans.
  34. Drone Corridor will be a real thing where drones will replace commercial flights and transport people faster than today without colliding with each other. Drone ports will be fully automated.
  35. By Year 2050 India will also have world’s second largest army with fully automated drone fighters and drone snipers.
  36. People will live in peace and harmony also life span of people will increase due to clean air and cheap treatment of almost all the diseases.
  37. India will have most number of high rise buildings in the world after China, USA
  38. India water interlinking project will be completed by that time and areas of Assam, Bihar, Bengal will no longer face frequent floods.
  39. BJP will be the single largest party in the country and congress will be replaced by some new emerging party.
  40. Finally by year 2050 Indian export will be larger than imports and India will no longer face the problem of trade deficit.
  41. Ecommerce goods will be delivered in 5 mins due to special goods delivery pipeline.
  42. Some of the animals will go extinct and natural disasters like tornado, Thunder Storm,Drought  will be frequent.
  43. Cutting trees, killing animals will put people in Jail.
  44. Hindi will be the new English for Indians.
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  1. Uma Sharma Avatar

    What a nice article

  2. i think it cant be possible by 2050

    1. Yaa.. some of them might take 2080, but world is advancing so fast that 30 years is more than enough for any drastic change.

  3.  Avatar

    Ho sakta h par hame nature ka bhi khyal rakh na hoga

    1.  Avatar

      Ye kon BJP ka IT cell wala Likha hai
      By 2050 we will be in deep shit due to environment issues and many more unknown issues

      1.  Avatar

        bhag chutiya chamcha

    2. K.yaswanth Avatar


  4. With all due respect to the country, this is messed up. What regard of international peace, social justice and secularity does this view present? It is dystopic at worst, a capitalist and technology driven society at best, both with utter disregard of the environment, the water crisis, climate change and religious fanatism that is highly probable to emerge with the vision that is described. I hope that such a future does not become a reality.

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      1. Nischey Avatar

        I m amazed😂😂😂

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    This is a nice article

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    Nice one

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    44th is not possible at all…heh heh

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    we have to beat china & become number one country in the world in terms of safety, development, Space research and no dependent with other country.

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      Tamil will be the new English for the indians😈

      1. Hindi will be the new English for the Indians 😈

  10. Tamil will be the new English for the indians😈

  11. Tamil will be the language for indians.

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      GOOD BRO…

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      GREAT BRO…

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  14. This is a good essay for student

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