List of Indian Bridges

India has structured many amazing bridges to connect the roads, cities, and areas. Some of them are impossible to build and nowadays you will see these huge bridges made of concrete, iron, and metal and a great example of engineering and technique.

These connected routes look wonderful and they have made people’s life easier and smoother. Here we are listing some popular Indian bridges, let’s take a closer look at that:-

Bandra-Worli Sea Link

This bridge has been developed in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and connects the West and East Mumbai and reduced huge traveling time of reaching one point to another.

The whole bridge is structured to Mahima Bay with concrete-steel towers that are supported with sturdy strong cables. The outlook of the bridge is outstanding and known as one of the dominant bridges in India and officially opened for people in the year 2009.       

Howrah Bridge

You may have seen the famous Howrah Bridge on the screen many times and whenever we think about Kolkata the image of this bridge comes to the mind.

The bridge has been developed on the Hooghly River that connects Kolkata and Hooghly. The bridge was created in 1943 with tons of steel, concrete, and metals.

More than 100,000 vehicles have carried by this bridge and consider as one of the busiest and longest cantilever structures or bridges in the world and took more than 6 years of completion.            

Mahatma Gandhi Setu

This bridge has been considered the 3rd longest river bridge of India located in Bihar that connects Patna and Hajipur. The bridge took 10 years to completion and publically opened in 1982.

The “Gammon India Limited” that is a construction company has built this bridge and it is capable to carry thousands of vehicles at one time. The bridge has 2 lanes and the length is 5,750 meters that are quite long.      

Vidyasagar Bridge

Vidyasagar Setu is also located in Kolkata, West Bengal, and also known as Second Hooghly Setu. The bridge has been named after a famous person Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar.

The bridge has 6 lanes supported by the cables and officially used by the public in 1992. At the night, the bridge looks stunningly beautiful.   

Pamban Bridge

Pamban Bridge is a railway bridge and India’s first longest sea bridge that was opened to the public in 1914. This bridge connects Mandapam town and Rameswaram.

The bridge was created by German engineers and took more than 10 years. The bridge has seen many natural troubles and damage, still, it is standing like a rock and helping people to reach their destinations.     

Coronation Bridge

The Coronation Bridge is a beautiful bridge surrounded by forests and hills and also called Sevoke Bridge. The bridge is located in Siliguri, West Bengal, and spans over the Teesta River.

The bridge links two major cities named Kalimpong- Darjeeling. The NH 17 is also linked with this bridge. You can see the pink paint and the tiger statues on the two ends.

The bridge was completed in 1941 and from now working in a good condition and known as a famous tourist point and people visit here especially to click the pictures.    

Godavari Arch Bridge

The bridge has been known as the longest arch bridge spans over the Godavari River and located in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh. The bridge has faced the worse effects of cyclones and storms and still working in good condition.

The bridge has been structured by pre-stressed concrete and developed in 1997. The bridge is 2,745 meters long and structured in a bowstring manner. Tons of metals, concrete, and technology have helped in the construction and are currently maintained by Indian Railway.    

Dhola-Sadiya Bridge

This bridge is known as a beam or Stringer Bridge that is one of the longest water bridges of India that connects two major states called Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. It spans over Lohit River stated in Dhola village and spread over Sadiya town, Assam.

The bridge was opened to the public in 2017 and it is 9.15 KM lengthy. The bridge has reduced the traveling period from one state to another. It took billions and tons of constructing material and efforts in development and nowadays it is maintained by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.