how to make website

Making a website is simple now a days. In this article we are going to talk about how to make a website. Please follow the instructions.

  1. Register a Domain Name – This is the first step that you have to do before you go online. You can register domain name at or another registrar of you choice. Registering domain name is not easy because most of the names you will be looking for will be taken. So what to do in that case. There are two ways, either register a domain with different domain type like if .com is not available then register a dot net now if both are not available then add any other word or number in front of the desired name. For example if you are trying to register and this is not available then try or or etc. Please avoide registering domain name which is identical to any other organisation name or website because you can land to law suite for trademark infringement if you do this. For example is there then you are registering this is not allowed at all, since Facebook is a registered trademark.
  2. Find Hosting company – After you have registered a domain name you will have to find a hosting company. A hosting company will host your website to the internet so that it is available for everyone all the time. Hosting company will share it’s CPU, memory etc for a monthly rent. There are two types of hosting companies shared hosting and cloud hosting. The difference between the two is that shared hosting is not salable while cloud hosting is salable. If you thing in future your website will be visited by millions of people then choose a cloud hosting (You can go for Google Cloud, AWS or Digital Ocean) otherwise choose a shared hosting.
  3. Map Domain Name – After you have purchased hosting you need to map domain name to your hosting provider DNS server. For this you can ask for help with your hosting provider company.
  4. Create Content– Now this is the real stuff, here you will collect all the content that you will be posting to your website. You have sit and think what stuffs, content or material you are going to provide on your website. Because based on your content your website menus will be created, About section and services will also be created.
  5. Build your website – Now there are two ways to build your website, either code yourself or hire a website designer or website developer to do this job on your behalf. Not a days there are many drag and drop website builder are available online where you can create your website in few mins by drag and drop. Put all your collected content in that website and host it. You can also use ready made templates and themes like html templates where you just have to replace the text and images from the templates and you will not have to write any code then you have to place the theme or template in a www folder of your hosting server.
  6. Digital Marketing – Building website is not enough, to get the real traffic you will need to have a digital marketing promotion strategy where you will promote your website online. Without promotion your website is not going to perform much without promotion.


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