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Read a lot

Best way and the most important way to gain new ideas is to gain knowledge. Reading books can only open your eyes and mind. Reading book feeds your mind with tons of new problems, solutions. If you want to do great things in your life, reading is recommended. If you will not read, you will be put behind by people who read. Books are doorways to treasure of knowledge. Some people have spent their life time writing those books which you can grasp in one week.


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Watch movies

Watching movies is recommended because it helps you boost you imagination. You learn new things, new skills. You try to imagine the world through directors eyes and now it’s up to you to make it true. There are tons of sci-fi movies out there which can open your mind to new ideas. However you should avoid romantic, comedy, drama, action kind of movies because they are just for entertainment and learning social skills. Spend your time wisely.


small things

Observe small things around

There are tons of things going on in this world but not everyone can observe. It takes great patience to observe small things. Uber, Airbnb are great example of this. People made companies out of nothing. They don’t own rooms or cars but they have millions of rooms and cars under them. The most simple problem is the hardest one to find but let me assure you, you are going to find it if you look for it.


problem solver

Be a problem solver

This one is important, your problem solving skills will motivate you to find new problems. Solve little problems everyday. Try to think what can be it’s solution. Which ever field you are related to start looking for problems and solve them. Who knows your parents might be facing some problems you can solve and you might get new ideas out of it.


sitting alone

Find time for yourself

In this crowded world we are so lost that we don’t have time to think. We don’t even have time to think about ourselves. If you are also the part of the rat race, it’s time to change. Give yourself a break from society, friends etc. and think, study , give yourself more time. Great problem solvers are not those people who party on Saturday and get drunk on Sunday. They are those people who find a problem on Saturday and solve it on Sunday. Try to be alone as much as you can, this will help you observe small little things you never cared about. This will open you mind to see things from different perspective.


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Be friend with like minded people

Like minded people are great motivators. They help you do things that you love. Cut ties with all those people who do not match your ideas and thoughts. Find kind of people you like to be around. If you are seeking entrepreneurship, look for other entrepreneurs like you, share thoughts and ideas get feedback, simple as that.


travel the world


Go out to new places, Explore the world. See it with your own eyes. This might open your mind and give you new ideas and knowledge.


time for change

Don’t settle with temporary solution

If you got a problem and there is a temporary solution, please never settle for temporary solution. It’s you who has to find the permanent solution. Get up, take responsibilities.


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Don’t underestimate yourself

Don’t underestimate yourself your are not less than anybody in this world. You have got the same mind, same hands as everyone else. You are not dumb and fool as you think. You are smart, the only problem is you haven’t tested yourself. Test yourself putting with hardest problems and you will find that everybody is same. Even the smartest people on this planet can’t solve something at one go, if that problem is really hard. The only way to become confident is to keep trying till you succeed.


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Look for problems related to your interest

Do only those things you are interested about. Don’t try to fake your personality and involve into something that doesn’t suites you just because some told you to do so. You have to make your own path, you have to find your own problem and you have to seek your own truth. You are an independent soul in this universe.