Our Ideal person isn’t Elon Musk but Man Mohan Singh

More and more youngsters are taking interest in politics than science and technology which is not good for a country. They must know that it is not the politicians that drive the economy, it is entrepreneurs that do so. Instead of taking interest in politics we should focus more on basic things. Our ideal person shouldn’t be a politician it should be Elon Musk.


copy paste, cheating

We are the master of copy paste

We are just too good at copying and pasting. We know what worked in other countries will also work in India. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel. We don’t want to put much effort if we can just copy paste.


Shopping Online

Shopping Online

We are still stuck at E commerce

Our startup ecosystem is still stuck at e-commerce which is the very basic of a business. There are many more things that can be done but we think entrepreneurship means sell goods and services that’s all.


guy want money

This guy just wants money

We want to become entrepreneur because we want money

Every action we do, every effort we put is driven by the desire of money. Geeta also says do you duty but do not expect the result. We should not do something to get. We should detach our self from the result and this is called Karm Yoga. We want money because we do not have money but it does’t mean that our dream should be to get money. If you dream is get money, let me tell you. You will never get money because money is the by product of your efforts you put somewhere else. Money is the result not action. Focus on action not the result.


take risk,cycling,jump

We don’t want to take risk.

Taking risk here is a huge deal. We don’t want to take risk because why to take risk if we can get a 9-5 job. We are also afraid to take risk and there are many reasons for this. We are afraid what will happen if we loose. What society will tell. What i will answer to my parents. The problem is we think too much.


guys looking for jobs

We can’t think of anything else than job.

Believe it or not job is still sexy than to persue entrepreneurship. We want comfortable life and a good salary. Parents tell us to get a job and get married and this is how this world works. There is nothing else you can do. You don’t have to do the drama in life just get a job and settle somewhere.



May be we do not have that kind of knowledge

We suck at entrepreneurship may be because we lack the knowledge. We think we know everything and we don’t have to learn anything. Let me tell you what you know is not the end of knowledge. There is so much more to discover, there are so many books that if you read you can’t finish in your lifetime. Don’t get stuck and create a knowledge barrier. Go out and seek knowledge. Entrepreneurs are great learners too.


show off

Anything we do is for show off.

Show offs make you sexy for a which but you are a failure if you go for show offs. Anything we want to do is for getting someone’s attention. We want to be called as a super hero from the day one. Even if we are starting a company we have to brag about it.



We think happiness is just entertainment.

When is comes to happiness we just think that only entertainment can make us happy. We aren’t aware chasing dreams and perusing it is also happiness. Doing what we love is also happiness. We think happiness is getting a girl and having sex. Happiness is getting drug. Our definition of happiness is still not broad. You don’t need a girl to be happy. You just have to find yourself to be happy. You have lost yourself somewhere in this crowed, go and seek happiness within you. No pleasure in this world can make you happy if your mind is seeking more and more of worldly pleasures. Some people feel happiness by helping others. Entrepreneurs feel happiness by seeing their crazy idea working. Money can’t make you happy because when you will have money you will want more money.


Poor man

May be we are too poor

May be we are too poor to start a company but let me tell you this is an excuse because you don’t need million billions of rupees to start a company. If you are already feeding yourself with food that means you have some money. You can save it. The fonder of Digg.com, Kevin Rose saved 5000 Us dollars to start a company and this was all his saving. He started the company and made it big. You just have to believe in your idea. You must test your idea before investing that little money you have saved because that is all you have, right. Many people are there to fund you with some money to start up like friends, family and in the end it all comes to one question can you make it big?


parent scolding

Our parents do not encourage to do things out of league.

Our parents wants us to do only what they have done in their lifetime because they think it is the only way to a happy life, going out of the league is not a good idea. Indian parents encourage their kids for a job and not for a company because starting a company is not their tradition.


 jesus prays in the cloud

Successful Entrepreneurs are thought to be God Gifted.

We have this common thinking that successful entrepreneurs are god gifted. They are the angels sent by God on this planet to make anything large. We think successful entrepreneurs never fail, whatever they become large eventually.

We curse ourselves that we are not succeeding because we are’t god gifted. We are so biased that we only see the Good parts of a person but forget their bad parts. To get a complete analysis focus on both parts. Most of the success stories show only the good parts that isn’t true at all. Entrepreneurs aren’t god gifted they are the same people as we, only difference is they have to courage to fail because they do not care about the failure and success they only care about what they are doing is making them happy or not?


follow dream

Some people aren’t allowed to follow their dreams.

We live in a society where everyone is not allowed to follow their dreams. Still girls are not allowed to persue their dreams in some society.


piggy bank

It is very difficult to get funded in India.

The possible reason for this might be less number of Indian investors. There are few people of Indian origin which is will to put their money at risk. It is very tough to get funded if you don’t have money for initial funding for your business.


repair man

We have temporary Jugaad for all our problems.

We prefer temporary Jugaad much more than finding a proper solution to that problem. Jugaag is good but when it comes to reliability our Jugaad fails and someone starts a company out of it in America. May be Americans copy our Jugaad and then we copy their startup idea, not sure.


made in china

We prefer buying foreign stuffs than Indian.

It is cool to have Armani shirt than some Desi Indian stuff. We are more attracted to foreign stuffs than Indian product which ultimately leads home grown business to failure. May be we want to show off buying foreign stuffs.


female hand with money in cash department window. currency exchange concept

We think the only way to double the money is to put it in bank or Mutual funds.

This is a common thinking among our Indian brothers and sisters. They think the only way to double your money is to put it in bank, mutual funds or buy some property. They do not think about extra revenue sources. They do not think about investing money in their idea.


beautiful girl smiling

We think there is nothing left to do any more. Everything has already been done by Americans.

Lastly now a days people have started thinking that everything humanity needs has been done. If this common Indian thinking is true then how Americans are still inventing new things. Why world’s top companies are from America. Even top startups started last year are from some other countries because they do not think that everything is done.