Everyone is born with different faces, characteristics and qualities. It is always a good idea to stick to our roots. We should not forget our core personality, nature that makes us different from all other people around. Here i am listing some ways to stay to your own personalities, characteristics and qualities.

Don’t try to copy people

You are unique copy of yourself. Don’t try to imitate others, you may succeeded in your attempts but you will fail to leave an impression in this world or your society. No body remembers a copy cat.

Listen to yourself

Most often times people will suggest you different kinds of solutions for a problem you are facing but in the end it is you who has to decide. Listen to everyone but at last you have to listen to yourself what you want really.

Stay you

Stay you, stay true. Don’t fake your personality to impress someone because if you do so it won’t do any good in the long run. They will one day find out who you are and things might get worse after that.

Believe in yourself

As everyone you are also born with ability to think. Don’t ignore yourself, Don’t underestimate yourself. Know your limits and act accordingly. If you want to do something and it is in your limits just believe you will do it and then do it.

Don’t try to impress people

It is not always bad to impress people but don’t try to impress everyone. The right people will get impressed by you naturally you won’t have to do something extra to prove them you are worth noticing.

Don’t get easily influenced

When you carry your own strong personality you don’t get easily influence by others. People will tell you to change but believe me it is not your problem it is their problem they can’t adjust with you. You don’t have to change according to what people tell you but how you think you should be.

Develop self confidence

Self confidence comes with mastery. Mastery of your skills. Practice,learn,grow and master your skills everyday.

Find good things about you and stick to it

Last point is very true, You have to find something good about yourself, it can be anything your personality, your smile, your way of talking, your confidence, your eagerness to learn something new, your motivation, your hard work and when you find it, just stick to it. Constantly improve it. That is how people make an impression in this world, confused people are not able to do anything. You will have to find something good about yourself no excuses.