Yes, rogue planet is not only possible but there are billions of rogue planets in our own galaxy milky way.

But, what kinds of planets are called rogue planets.

  • Rogue planets are orphan planets. Some how they are not part of any solar system.
  • Or they have been ejected from the planetary system in which they formed.
  • They are also called wandering planets, starless planets, nomad planets.
  • These planets don’t circle stars but they circle celestial bodies as small as planets

A dwarf named OTS 44 which is 15 times the mass of Jupitar is known to have a dusty disk of planet building material revolving around.

A brown dwarf also known as a failed star is of the size of planets and some rogue planets orbit these dwarfs

OTS 44 is located at 500 light years away in the Chamaeleon constellation.

Can a rogue planet sustain life?

we all know, to sustain life we need sun but what if there is no sun. Can a planet still sustain life?

It’s very much possible that a rogue planet can sustain life because to sustain life a living beings needs energy but since rogue planets do not have sun then from where they can get energy, the answer lies in planet itself. Yes, planet core just like sun, and sometimes it releases it’s energy in the form of volcano.

When there is no sun, rogue planet would be covered in ice but deep below those ice layers some volcanoes might keep the below water warmer, which is enough to sustain marine life.