10 Facts About Black Widow Spider

Spiders are generally very dangerous and venomous. Black widow spider is very harmful and its bite can be cause of human death.

It is of black color and has red shaped spot shaped like hour glass. Some cool and interesting facts about this spider are listed below let’s see what they are:-

Interesting facts about Black widow Spider

These are generally categorized into three main species.

Venom of this spider is more dangerous than Rattlesnake. It is about 15 times more harmful.

The life span of this spider is about 3 years in an average.

These insects are generally found in the dark places.

The venom on this spider generally takes about 10 minutes to have its deadly effects.

The black widow spider is responsible for the greatest number of the human death among all other spiders.

A fully grown female black widow spider is the most venomous. The male and the young spider are not considered fatal to human.

Insects like flies, mosquitoes, grasshopper and beetles are its favorite food.

The female spider has the capacity of laying 100’s eggs in one go, isn’t its surprising? 

The symptoms of its bite can last up to days.