In this article we are going to analyse why businesses should invest in India.

India is the seventh largest country by area and second largest country by population.

Even though India has not yet achieved its true potential it is already a 3 trillion economy and fifth largest economy in the world by nominal GDP

India is the third largest economy in Asia only behind China and Japan.

21st century is the century of India and that is why India is called an emerging economy.

One of the main reason why 21st century is the India’s century is because about 50% of its population is below the age of 25 and is relatively young.

It is a stable democratic country where elections are held every five years and leaders are chosen by the people

In recent years India has achieved good ranking in ease of doing business and is now the most favourable investment destination for companies that want to gain from the future India.

And the young Indians are determined to change the world and they are doing through their startups. India is one of the startup hubs for the world.

India has nearly 700,000,000 internet users that is only 2nd to China and the growth in internet users comes from cheap internet in India.

Many world-class companies think that if they can make product for India then they can make product for the whole world , it means that make for India then make for the world . it’s like a testing ground for the tech giants to develop the new products and then validate with the Indian users then launch the same products in other countries and this is going on for quite awhile.

India’s digital finance is the world‘s best. Making a payment in India is quite easy than making payment in other countries through smartphone.
This is all achieved from UPI which means unified payment interface that gives each user a virtual payment address where a payment can be made in seconds and the same amount gets credited or debited from the bank account of the user instantly. Currently India is leading the race in digital payment system and even Google has suggested the US government to implement UPI-based payment in US.

India also has the largest number of English-speaking people in the world and it means that doing business in India will be quite easy as doing business in China where most of the people speak Mandarin language.

India is the worlds largest industry for software services and software development. currently most of the software used around the world are either made in India or are supported by India through its tech support.

It is also called the pharmacy of the world because most of the generic drugs produced around the world are manufactured in India. the drugs that are manufactured in India are cheaper than the drugs that are manufactured elsewhere . one in three pills consumed in USA are made in India.