India is a hub of many popular and domestic dog breeds. Some of them are trained well for protecting the places while others can be a strict guard for livestock.

Though there are multiple varieties available of Indian dogs and you may find them on the streets of at somebody’s home.

Here we are listing 10 famous Indian dog breeds with their images so you can recognize them properly, so let’s have a look at that:-


Jonangi is a popular Indian breed and is mostly found in the South part of India like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka.

This agile dog has short hair and it is considered a social dog. The farmers use this dog for guarding goats and sheep.

Female Jonangi is good mothers and they take care of their puppies very well.     


Rajapalayam is a strong and beautiful dog with a muscular body and whitish color makes it more attractive.

This breed is highly intelligent and honest for their owners and can be a perfect defender.

This dog can live for 20 years and the Indian Postal Department has announced stamps for 4 dogs and Rajapalayam is one of them.   

Mostly it is found in the Southern parts of India.

Mudhol Hound:

Mudhol Hound or also known as Kathewar dog or Maratha Hound or Pashmi hound is a sighthound dog.

The breed comes from Karnataka and they are famous for their speed and hunting.

Mudhol Hound is also added for the postal stamps by the Indian Postal Department and even the Indian army is also interested in providing training to these dogs due to their sharp skills.   

This dog can be found in various colors and it looks slim.

Bully Kutta:

Bully, Bohli, alangu mastiff, or Indian mastiff or Sindhi mastiff is the names of this breed.

The breed is quite popular in Punjab and other Northern parts of India and especially people keep it for guarding, hunting, or taking care of livestock

Mahratta Hound:

Mostly this breed has tan color and it is also a sighthound dog. Mostly it is found in Maharashtra that elaborates its name.

In the old-time Banjara people use this dog for hunting and guarding.  

Bhote Kukkur:

This breed is also known as a Himalayan sheepdog, Bhotia, and Himalaya mastiff and is mostly found in the Himalayas Mountain.  

These dogs are similar to Tibetan mastiff and they have black hair with the golden touch and small ears.

People use this breed for herding guarding livestock and some traditional casts use it for hunting.   


Majorly this breed has been used for protecting small animals and it is found in southern parts of India like Tamil Nadu, Madurai, Thenkasi, etc.

This sighthound dog is medium in size and available in a single color mixture of light brown or reddish. It has a slim long and a little curved tail.  

Rampur Greyhound:

Rampur greyhound or also known as North-Indian greyhound is majorly found in the Southern parts of India.

This dog has a broad chest and a long curved tail and they can be 27” lengthy.

This dog is also a good hunter and speed is adorable.  


Sheepdog, Gaddi Kutta, or Indian Gaddi is mostly found in the Southern parts of India. As the name describes the dog is born with great speed and guarding and hunting skills.

The muscular body with dropping ears and shiny hairs make the appearance attractive.        


Also known as Indian Bear hound and looks like Rajapalayam but mostly found in the Southern parts of India. Kombai or Combai has reddish-brown color with a strong jaw and speed make it an active one.