This year India ranked 100 in ease of doing business which is a major jump for any country. India is slowly and constantly improving it’s stand in world market. For so long India was seen as a major destination for consumer market but now things are going to change India is improving in other areas also. It is transforming itself from consumer to producer.

Foreign direct investments in India will increase drastically in coming years. Here we are going to list some points that India is doing right at this time.

Improving it’s ease of doing business ranking

India is ranked 100 this year in ease of doing business which means now more investments from foreign investors. India used to rank 130,131 in last two years but now it has made a major jump of 30 places.

Attracting new foreign investors

Prime minister Narendra Modi has made lot of changes in laws and regulations to lure foreign investors. Modi travels to different countries and invites foreign business man to invest in India. Modi is doing the right job needed to lift India from consumer to a producer nation.

Boost in make in India

Goverment is keen to build things in India for the world. Make in India was launched in 2014 by the Modi government. Results of make in India might not be obvious right now but in future things will become crystal clear if make in India was successful.

Startup India

This is another milestone achieved by the Modi goverment. At least now goverment is promoting startup culture. Modi govermnet knows that the startups and key to success. Startups provide jobs to people and India needs lots of startups to make it’s youth find work.

Digital India

It is said that if all Indians come online it will boost Indian economy and add 1 trillion more to it’s GDP. Telecom sector and lower internet subscription fees are also helping India digitalis. More and more people are now able to buy smartphone in India than ever before.