Technology has changed the way this world looks! We have new inventions everywhere, which makes our lives easy. How? There are smart TV’s, smart phones, advanced security systems for homes and much more. One of the biggest inventions has been the robot. Yes, there are some robotics builders, who have created some fine robots such as Kuri or Spot. Speaking of Spot, the robot, it is a four legged robot. Say Hello to Spot! If you have no idea about who SPOT is then you have to read this article. Science and Technology enthusiasts will get enlightened after reading the article.

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Meet Spot – The Four Legged Robot

Spot can run and climb up mountains. He is like a loyal dog, which is more productive than the barking one. The robot is designed for indoor as well as outdoor operation. The robot weighs 160 lbs and you can use it for different purposes.

Here is a quick video introduction of Spot.

You can see him walking, getting kicked, climbing up stairs and also, he is making his way to mountains. When the viewers watched the video, they felt bad for Spot getting kicked. Why? It is because Spot may be a robot but it walks like a living being. It gives the viewer a feeling that it has life. The developers have invented the robot with great difficult but they have done a tremendous job. It is interesting to see such an invention because the robot is versatile and has been built well. The structure of the robot reminds us of an ostrich as well as a dog. Spot possesses a sensor head and he can navigate as well.


Who invented Spot?

Everyone wishes to know as to who created this amazing robot! The name is Boston Dynamics. Marc Raibert is the founder of Boston Dynamics and he believes is inventing robots that can deliver packages, open doors and run as fast as Cheetah. The company believes in inventing machines that work in the real world. The team of scientists and engineers work on inventing robots that look like animals and they are very intelligent. The video on YouTube got three million views in just two days. We are not sure why Boston Dynamics created Spot but it surely looks useful. The company has developed robots that can run as fast as the Cheetah and drive vehicles as well. The company did not have an objective while creating Spot. What does Spot do? What is the aim? Who knows?

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What does Spot do?

Spot is just like a St. Bernard. He is the same size of a full grown St. Bernard dog. He weights 160 lbs and can walk and run efficiently. Spot is similar to LS3 robot, which is also a four legged robot that is used in the war zones. They carry heavy arms and ammunitions of the solders. Why did they invent Spot? What was the use? The Boston Dynamics officials said, “Because we can and so we did! It is cool….”

Check out the video to know what SPOT can DO

He climbs as well as trots. There is no objective for building Spot. He is electrically powered and he uses his head to navigate because it has sensors. After investigating few videos on YouTube, we did not understand why the robot gets kicked. Spot is built to walk on uneven terrains. In the video, you can see him walking the terrains without any uneasiness. He walks through sticks and rocks. He has a good navigation sense. Big Dog is the other robot version created by Boston Dynamics. The Big Dog is heavier and cannot be tamed like a lap dog. In the video, you can see Spot and Big Dog climbing up the mountain. Big Dog is surely bigger than little Spot.

The Science behind Four Legged Robots

The four legged robots are also known as the quadrupedal robots. These robots are better than the bipedal robots. Why? Let us find out!

  • Better stability
  • Can adapt efficiently to the surroundings
  • Can walk on uneven terrains

Scientists believe that since the robot’s four legs are on the ground, it will be stable while standing. Building a leg for the robots is not easy. It is a complex process. Robots which have wheels will not be able navigate efficiently. Wheels on robots are made for sliding on the smooth surface. If you install legs on a robot, it will walk on terrains and will be able to adapt to its surroundings.

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If one moves to a mountain or a rough terrain, the robot will be able to walk with ease. A robot with wheels needs a continuous surface which does not have bumps. However, building a four legged robot is comparatively easier than building a robot with legs. The design of the legs will be complex. Building a wheel robot will be much cheaper than the legged robot. However, the legged robot is practical because it works in the real world. It will be like your dog, which does not need a leash because it will walk itself. You do not have to fear that the robot will walk away. Legged robots need the system of GAIT. It is a difficult task to design those for the legged robots.

Final Verdict

We have seen videos of Spot and the army. We have a strong feeling that Spot will soon do home chores and be helpful for other works. The four legged robot invention is great and we have a vision that it will be the world’s future. Robots like Spot will walk baby prams and do the entire household work. Big Dog was built for the US Military but the project got cancelled because it was diagnosed to be too noisy. They will be used in the army and other productive works. We feel it is a fantastic invention and it will go a long way. Thanks to Boston Dynamics that it has created some great inventions such as Spot and Big Dog. We need more of such brilliant inventions!