Packaged juices are considered healthy by most people, and they regularly have it for breakfast or during the day. However, is it healthy to consume these juices daily? Let’s check the ingredients in these juices to find out!

Tropicana Juice

Tropicana juice packs have been there in the Indian market for a while now. They come in various sizes as well as flavors ranging from orange to mixed fruit to apple and many other. It contains no artificial flavoring or added preservatives.


The main ingredients of Tropicana juices include concentrated orange juice (19.7%), water, natural orange flavoring substances, acidity regulator, Ascorbic acid that has Vitamin C and something that is not found in regular orange juice.

Real Juice

Real juice is also a famous brand and comes in various sizes as well as flavors. Kids love to have real juice after coming back from school to feel energized in summers.


The main ingredients of Real juice are water, fruit concentrate (depending on the flavor), liquid glucose, acidity regulator (INS 300), sugar, antioxidants (INS 300)

B Natural Juice

B Natural juice is another brand that is being promoted in the market. This juice also comes in various flavors that you can choose from if you want to have juices regularly.


The main ingredients of B Natural juice are added flavors, permitted colors, acidity regulator (IN 330), permitted natural colors, sugar, water, and blended pulp of the fruit.

Paper Boat

Paper boat is relatively new as compared to the other juice brands but has gained quick popularity un the market, thanks to its creative advertisements.


The main ingredients of paper boat juices are water, the pulp of the fruits (depending on the flavor), sugar, antioxidant in the form of ascorbic acid, acidity regulator in the form of citric acid, stabilizer in the form of pectin, spices and other nature identical flavoring substances.

Health Effects

All these packed fruit juices indeed contain antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. However, the problem with these juices is that it is loaded with sugar and lack fiber. If you compare the nutrients and the amount of sugar that goes inside your body with these nutrients, you will understand why packed fruit juices are no better than any other carbonated soft drink. For example, if a glass of Coca Cola with 140 calories contains ten spoons of sugar, a glass of juice with 165 calories include 9.8 spoons of sugar. Hence, there is not much difference between the two. As a result, consuming these packed juiced can lead to many long term health issues like obesity, diabetes, heart issues, and much more. Therefore, instead of drinking fruit juices, it is better to eat whole fruits so that all the benefits of consuming fruit in terms of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants are availed while avoiding the bad calories that come from sugar.

In addition to that, the fructose present in these juices leads to an increase in uric acid, blood sugar levels, fatty liver, obesity, weight gain, high triglycerides, and type 2 diabetes. It is a myth that packed fruit juices are healthy. You must carefully read the package of these drinks and conclude their benefits.


To sum up, these packed juices look healthy and do have minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, but you still need to think before consuming them. They lack fiber and have a lot of sugar. Moreover, some of them have preservatives and added colors that are not listed in the list of ingredients so you must think before buying these juices, especially if you plan to give them to your kids.