Nowadays as we all know that mobiles and cell phones have been used everywhere and they have become an important part of our regular life. 
The “Cellular Telecommunication and Internet Association” conducted a study and shown that more than 195 million people were using cell phones in the year 2005 and now maybe the numbers have been increased more. 

The regular usage of cell phones are okay but if we talk about the other aspect then we must tell you that cell phone can be handled by two ways frequencies and it has signals like any other radio and they can be jammed or interrupted like any other device that has a range. 
In this article, we will discuss jammers and how a jammer device works so let’s have a closer look at that. 

How jammer works:

A mobile phone needs a specific medium like a tower for proper working and communicating with people.  Now in the modern age, there are cell towers available in most of the cities, towns, and villages.  

The jammers are actually are the devices some of them look like a phone and some are bigger and they have been used to disrupt the range of those signals. The service providers that come in the range of jamming devices can’t use their cell phones and this process is also known as a ‘denial of service attack’. 

The jammers can control and jam the frequency by transmitting a powerful signal that is needed to disrupt the cell phones. Basically, mobile phones works on two different frequencies one used to listen to the calls and the other one is used to making a call.  

The simple jammers can jam one-time frequency and the standard jammers can disrupt both frequencies. There are many high-level jammers available that can stop all kinds of frequencies including internet services.  

The actual power and the range of the jamming devices depend on the quality power and the surrounding environment. The basic jamming devices can disrupt the frequency near about 9 meter and high power jammers can jam the signals as a football field area.  

The jamming devices used by government can jam the signals of 1.6 kilometer of area. All the mobiles phone devices use radio signals and in any case of emergency, they can be easily interrupted. Jammers can control CDMA, DCS, PDMA, AMPS, iDEN, GSM, and Nextel.  

No matter you are using a smart Android device or an old fashioned cell-phone these superb jammers can jam any kind of signals. 

Police and military services use the bigger and powerful jammers that looks like a briefcase and can be easily taken anywhere and for security purpose, it becomes necessary to use them. 

Every jamming device contains an antenna and in powerful jammers, these antennas are long and wide to catch out the range. Mostly all the jammers are operated by batteries and you can charge them like you charge your smartphone. 

With that, jamming devices have turning circuit helps to control the frequency of the jammers, noise Generator, voltage controllers are major circuits and they send the signals that interfere with mobile signals, and RF amplification that used to boost up the power of the jamming device. 

If you ever feel that your phone is not working even the condition of the mobile is okay then try to get away from the place and reach another place. 
When you see the device it looks like a simple one just an on and off button. The complexes devices have other options to control the signals. They are not much expensive and available at different prices as well.  

We hope that this information will help you to understand about jammers and how they work. This is the basic information about the jamming device if you have also any helpful information or any experience then feel free to share it with us.