1. ChatGPT : OpenAI developed ChatGPT, a flexible tool that lets you write code, solve difficult problems, brainstorm ideas, create AI content, and have conversations. It is an invaluable tool for conducting subject research, deconstructing ideas, and proofreading assignments.
  2. CopyAI: This AI writing tool produces up to 2,000 words per month to assist you in creating content. For essays, reports, and other written assignments, it is helpful.
  3. Grammarly: A grammar and editing tool that is indispensable, Grammarly provides 300 document checks or 50,000 words per month. It guarantees that your writing is error-free, succinct, and clear.
  4. Quillbot: Quillbot is an expert at summarizing. Because it can reword paragraphs and sentences, it is useful for academic writing.
  5. Gemini : Gemini, formerly known as Bard, is a generative artificial intelligence chatbot developed by Google. Gemini is an effective research tool that offers limitless access to data. Utilize it to learn more, acquire information, and broaden your horizons.
  6. ChatPDF: This tool analyzes three PDFs and fifty questions every day to help with research. It works well for gleaning pertinent data from academic publications.
  7. Upword: Upword emphasizes synopsis. It saves you time when conducting research by distilling lengthy texts into succinct summaries.
  8. Natural Readers: Use natural readers to speak text. It is helpful for auditory learning because it permits 4,000 characters per day.
  9. Mubert: Mubert blends music and words. Using the input text as a guide, it creates musical tracks that give your projects a unique flair.
  10. Doctrina: Notes and tests can be accessed on this AI learning platform. It is an excellent tool for enhancing your comprehension of a variety of topics.
  11. Jenni AI: You can create well-structured essays and research papers with the aid of Jenni AI, an AI research and essay writing assistant.
  12. Decktopus is perfect for making interesting slideshows. It helps with content organization and visually appealing slide design.
  13. Mymap AI: Mymap AI is an excellent option if you need to create mind maps for idea organization or brainstorming.
  14. Fireflies AI: This technology takes notes for you automatically during online classes, making sure you do not miss anything crucial.
  15. Speechify: Use Speechify to turn text into audio. For those who learn best by hearing, it is ideal for on-the-go use.
  16. Timely : You can stay productive, set deadlines, and organize tasks with the aid of Timely, a time management tool.
  17. Tutor: To learn, make use of a tutor. You can ask questions and receive individualized help from them.
  18. Tome: Use Tome to create visually striking presentations. It provides 500 AI credits and 50 tomes per workspace.
  19. AskCodi: If you are new to coding, AskCodi offers explanations and support.
  20. Hocoos : Create websites using Hocoos. Although it offers little customization, it is a fantastic place to start when building a website.