Is taking pillow necessary? Why we take pillow?

My answer is yes, you should definitely take pillow and i will explain why and what kind of pillow works best.

Pillow helps our cervical Spine remain in Good Shape. But quality and shape of pillow also matters.

Our cervical spine has its shape, if we sleep improperly everyday changes are in long run shape of the spine may change and this will lead to neck pain, hand pain etc.

Pillow should be soft enough to adjust to the shape of neck and not hard enough to destroy the shape.

There are even cervical pillows available in market, but these pillow are only recommended to those people who are suffering from cervical or neck pain.

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Cervical Pillow are designed to maintain the good shape of neck and if you do not have any neck pain you don’t even need cervical pillow.

There are many different kinds of pillow avaialbe today in market and not every pillow is for head, some of the pillows are to support your body when you are sitting. Pillow kept on Sofa is not for sleeping but to support your back.

pillow were not only discovered by humans but millions of years ago animals started using pillow like wood or hand as a pillow to sleep.

There are also travel pillow available in market today. These pillows are used for sleeping sitting in train or flight. They support our neck.

Panda Shaped sleeping pillow for your neck

Should you take pillow? yes definetly you should take pillow as long as it is not doing any type of harm to your body. If pillows are not working for you and you are getting neck pain after taking pillow, please consult a doctor, it may be the issue with your cervical spine and follow what your doctor says.